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  • O/T Member Apparently MIA

    Has anyone heard from IBEW Gypsie aka Daiwi? I miss his posts.
    John B

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    Hope Dave is doing ok, i miss his posts also, he always had some great unusual projects.


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      David Cofer....somewhere in Georgia as I remember


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        Originally posted by Iquithadenuff View Post
        David Cofer....somewhere in Georgia as I remember
        If I remember correctly somewhere in the Chattanooga/Tunnel Hill area.
        No matter where you go, there you are!

        Hal C.


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          He posted on the metal illness site for a while when he left here, but that site is about dead. He posted not to long back on the HAMB, an old car forum that I frequent, but I don't remember his handle over there.


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            I may be confusing with someone else, but didn't he have financial problems (no insults meant if I accidentally confused the names)?


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              Crap. I hope David didnt Die when no one was there. Kinda odd cause Dave has been here forever. Chit!! His name (screen name) is more changing than mine. He was fighting some health issues. Been here too long (me). Seen some folks come and go. Its good to check up though. When you dont see me for some time make sure to contact my wife Bronwyn. She will give you money to haul off 1000s worth of useless crap. Hope ol man Dave is still kickin around. But? Its not like him to not check in
              My old yahoo group. Bridgeport Mill Group