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  • If one is going to practice medicine on oneself, please read "ALL" the contraindications. Even if it's certain vitamins. I don't have a problem with anyone self prescribing. Just please be careful.


    • Evan, it's great that you are still up and around.
      North Central Arkansas


      • Well, it's almost a week since the initial episode and your posts are as lucid as ever so it seems, and we hope, that you have survived the latest scare. Hope everything checks out ok Wednesday. Wife has appointment for serious complaint same day. Peter
        The difficult done right away. the impossible takes a little time.


        • Evan, sure glad things are better for you. I hope all stays well. Best of luck to you.


          • I am exceedingly careful checking out what drugs I take with others. I keep my drug load to the absolute minimum at all times, both the amount of each drug and the total number of drugs. Right now I take four including the sildenafil. Codeine, which makes me less constipated and lowers my heart rate a bit (has no effect on pain), Cipralex which stabilizes my heart rate and reduces atrial fib, 1/6 of a regular dose of modafinal to prevent me from falling asleep without warning and now the 10 mg of sildenifal twice per day.

            The vast majority of drugs are off limit for me. This is part of the warning page I give doctors that I see:

            WARNING: Cannot tolerate many drugs. Severe dysautonomia interactions. General hypersensitivity to most drugs, LQT Syndrome present. Drugs to avoid include but not limited to: ACE inhibitors, Alpha receptor blockers, Calcium channel blockers, Beta blockers, Phenothiazines, All anticholinergic drugs, Tricyclic anti depressants, Bromocriptine, Ethanol, Diuretics, Hydralazine, Drugs that decrease or block peripheral activities of SNS - Prazosin or reserpine / ganglionic blockers, Nitrates, MAO inhibitors, L-dopa, Methyldopa, Barbiturates, (nor)Epinephrine, stimulants in general, SNRIs, NSAIDS, drugs containing gluten (time release).

            That list and much more is reviewed and signed by my doctor.
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