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Best way to power my Bridgeport?

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  • Best way to power my Bridgeport?

    Just found this bulletin board! Must say it seems to be one of the nicest machinist ones I've found. Hope I'm able to contribute in time. I'm currently in the tool and die program at my local tech school. Love it so far, finally found something I enjoy doing in life, just a little later than some people I guess. Well anyway,I finally got my Bridgeport mill, variable speed, nice shape. Should have it moved in and setup in 3 weeks after my concrete is done in the shop. What do you guys feel is the best way to power it? I'll be running a 100 amp subpanel to the shop, should I go VFD or phase converter? Any advice is appreciated.

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    Welcome to the board. I've only been here since last August, and I've certainly learned a lot.

    There are some people here who can answer your question, but you might find what you're looking for more quickly at this forum especially for matters related to converters and VFDs:

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      I run my machine off a vfd.. smoother.. The head rattled while running a phase convertor. I think, it was cause the uneven pulses. On other machines the phase convertor worked/works fine.

      We worked on a yarn spinning machine for days trying to get the vibration out, turned out that it had adjustments on the phase output on the vectrol softstart motor control.



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        I have been using a phase converter to run a lathe & a B'port for 16 years, 0 problems. At that time the cost was about $150.00.

        Paul G.
        Paul G.