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Cutting Aluminum Columns

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    Originally posted by lbhsbz View Post
    He forgot to convert inches to feet on the thickness.

    Sorry about that



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      You can cut it with any wood cutting tool. What ever will work best for a piece of high density wood will work on the aluminum. Lubricate the aluminum with wax along the cut line and follow all the other safety instructions.

      I should point out that also includes a router with a guide.
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        +1 on the wax lube


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          Just out of interest....has anyone tried a Dual Saw? (Contra-rotating blades).

          I am guessing their TV advertising has saturated other parts of the world too.....

          I have no desire (or need) to get one, but the "no kick-back" does seem like a good safety idea.


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            The demonstration video shows horrendous chipping on the underside of wood. This alone makes me extremely doubtful of its usefulness.
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              I replaced three front stoop posts with exactly the same aluminum posts as you described (U shaped, snap-together) a couple of years ago. They were not that expensive and very easy to assemble and install. I can't see how you could come out ahead in time and material expense by making them yourself. Also, I think it would be hard to get as durable a paint job as that which comes with the purchased ones. If you are doing it for the fun of it then more power to ya but I took the wimp path and just bought em.


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                Got the job done. Used a 7-1/4 inch 40-tooth blade with my portable circular saw (usually a 10 inch blade but did not have a high tooth count blade for it). Set up a ball-bearing outfeed table to add support. Worked great!

                Thanks for all the ideas & support.