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anyone familiar with the Sloan & Chace #5 headstock?

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  • Don Young
    I know absolutely nothing about your machine so I can't be of any specific help. If this is a lathe headstock that includes a back gear set, the pulley rotates freely on the spindle unless a lock is engaged. The lock is usually a sliding pin that locks the pulley to the large gear at the chuck end. In these arrangements there is often a small screw in the pulley that is actually a plug to close up the hole for oiling the pulley to spindle bearing(s). Mistakenly tightening this screw can lock the pulley to the spindle.

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  • anyone familiar with the Sloan & Chace #5 headstock?

    The collars and whatnot forward of the rear bearing has me stumped. Rear collar came off easy enough.

    My pulley is loose on the spindle (only held in place by a screw). Is this normal? Most pulleys are pressed on.