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  • CL so many machines

    I hear a lot of guys saying that their area has slim pickings for good used

    Right now in Southern California, I have never seen so many machines for sale.

    Just for fun .. look in San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles area's of Craigslist.

    Just do a search for lathe, and milling machines ...

    There are some hell of a deals. And yes I own lots of CL stock and will make
    a pile of money .. ok ok .. maybe not.

    John Titor, when are you.

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    So California has been a hotspot for a cpuple years/ Just too far away!
    "Let me recommend the best medicine in the
    world: a long journey, at a mild season, through a pleasant
    country, in easy stages."
    ~ James Madison


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      I've been watching the New England region sites for a while looking for a good deal on a "mature" smaller VMC, and I've seen maybe one real deal in four months. Nothing like '09-'10 when I didn't have the space for one. There are a good number of knee mills and manual machines though.