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What is your go-to turning insert?

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  • What is your go-to turning insert?

    What insert brands, shapes, chip breaker designs and grades do you turn to most often?
    I machine things for a living so I strike a balance between price and performance. Lately I've been quite happy with Seco tooling and inserts. For GP turning operations where I don't need to remove a lot of material or where I'm not dealing with a particularly tough material I prefer to use SCLC style tooling for boring tools also. I like the lower cutting forces generated and their versatile nature. I have been having success with Seco's CCMT inserts in various sizes, F1 chip breaker and usually CP500 and TP2500 grades TP3500 works well also.
    I use plenty of other types of inserts of course in both lathe and milling tooling but I favour these.
    What are your favourites?
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    DNMG 1506xx inserts, both with 0.4 mm and 0.8 and 1.6 mm nose radius. Chip breakers for roughing, semi-finish and fine finishing. Don't remember them from the top of my head, have to check later, but almost all of thm are Sandvik, Seco or Kennametal (for ceramics KY2200).

    CCMT inserts in very small size and only in finishing grade and chip breaker to use on a very small solid carbide boring bars.
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      I should have prefaced my first post by stating that my shop is currently only setup for light machining and fabrication... All manual machines in my humble wee shop, but I earned them all and can be proud of that.

      Jaakko, the largest tooling I have that use CCMT inserts (CCMT 120408-F1) are both an SCLCR and a SCLCL 2020K12.
      In the past I've had the opportunity to use DNMGs in a lathe that had the power to really push them, they are impressive.

      Me on a good day is like a black hole, we know they exist but nobody's ever seen one


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        What's a "chip breaker" or an "insert"?
        Seriously, I just grind my own HSS or buy on sale from Enco braised carbide sets "for steel" on occasion.
        I have a 50 year old lathe and that seems like the tooling it should use.
        It would probably take me the rest of my life to learn the complex world of inserts.
        I have progressed to a quick change toolpost so maybe there's hope.
        I cut it off twice and it's still too short!


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          CCMT 2(1.5)x, I have several grades from Sandvik and Seco.

          For threading I have several Iscar grades in a lay-down geometry, do not recall the size.
          and several grades from Kennametal and Sandvik for the Top-notch/Top-Lok style holders.


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            WNMG 432 is my go-to insert for facing and turning (same tool holder and setting). I have several grades, but don't get too fussy about which unless it's stainless or finishing. I often use the positive insert form in 431 in the negative rake holder for finer or finishing work.


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              Small CCMT, both turning and boring. Trying some TCMT as well (could get 1/2" shank cheap but good quality).

              Originally got the first CCMT with older Tungaloy, really liked those but I had no frame of reference AFAIK particular coating is no longer available (or is but tough to find), they just seemed to last.

              Have found the inserts that come with Micro 100 shanks are pretty good but I am not sure as to coating/chip...could be something proprietary. IMO leans towards finishing as opposed to roughing.

              Just started using some Mitsubishi CCMT and TCMT, seems to work pretty well even outside the suggested ranges (slower)...UE 6020 series, so not the most current but...

              Suspect most lower power machines will be CCMT...?


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                Originally posted by RussZHC View Post
                Suspect most lower power machines will be CCMT...?
                I used DNMG's successfully in my SIEG SC4 lathe, though it was with a 1 kW motor. But the finishing grades turn very freely, especially with small nose radius like 0.2 and 0.4 mm.

                Oh and totally forgot WNMG's and SNMG's, they really take some (ab)use in roughing, usually the machines torque becomes the limiting factor. And this is on a 8 kW industrial lathe.
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                  CCMT here. Various sizes. JR
                  My old yahoo group. Bridgeport Mill Group



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                    TPMT16T-308 Cermet I stumbled onto a lifetime supply some years back for an very low price and bought all they had.



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                      I use nearly exclusively Walter WNMG with a .4 and .8 nose radius. I get mirror finishes and can take quite heavy cuts. They don't work well to sneak up on a final dimension.
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                        dngp431, 15 04 04, kc730, kennametac.

                        they are great allaround.

                        i also use dnmg 15 06 16-15, 444-15, 415 p-k15 (sand. cor).

                        i have to admit, that i dont really know what most of all that means.
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                          My most used is the OYOCOMOVA, followed closely by BFFI.


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                            TNMG 321, or 322


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                              No one "go to" really, but about a dozen different shapes, sizes, styles and grades.

                              The very best all-around insert I ever used is no longer available, and I used it the other day to rough out and finish 303 stainless. Still barely looks used. It's a Valenite CNMG432-M6 grade 8525.

                              I also have some Walter DNMG431-FP5 grade WPP20S, and that's my No.1 finisher. Unlike most negative rake inserts for steels, with this one I can take as little as .004" (0.1mm) depth of cut at nearly any cutting speed (except slow) and get really nice finishes.