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    HyperBaric Oxygen Treatment Chamber. I've been reading up on this & am amazed by the many benefits this has for the human body. You can rent or buy chambers for home use but why not make one? I used to dive & knew about them for th bends but had no idea about the other uses. Basiclly get in a sealed chamber & fill with pure oxygen with pressure from 2 to 4 atmosperes. As I understand it welding oxygen is more pure than medical. I have an oxygen generator from a 12 bay muffler shop, a chamber can be made from plastic but I have a 325 gallon propane tank. Anyone here ever use or build one? From what I read a lot of people are starting to use these at home. As always any & all positive ideas & comments welcome & appreciated! (Gunther this means please keep your negitives & slurs to yourself or I'll post your rude & uncalled for PMs & e-mails) Thanks!

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    Plastic tank large enough for occupancy and 4 Bar? pure oxygen? nice bomb :-)

    In a prior lifetime, with multiple decompression dive a day I scrubbed on pure oxygen at 33ft, but only with safety diver present. Hyperbaric chamber treatment was 4 hours away by helicopter flying at a couple of hundred feet max.

    Never mind it's enhanced combustible attributes, oxygen is of course poisonous at pressure so many safety concerns to be addressed. Here's a decent article


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      Here's a good link also

      Here's a link for home use models

      I'm not saying it's the right thing to build, I'm just getting info from you guys that know more about it than me.


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        While not exactly hyperbaric, pure oxygen was used early in the Apollo program, until they learned that it could have some extremely unhealthy consequences.


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          And that was only 4psi IIRC!


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            The deal with medical oxygen is more in the cylinder than the gas. The oxygen that shows up in off-site filled cylinders is rated NF which stand for National Formulary.

            This certifies that the gas is stored in CLEAN AND CERTIFIED cylinders. The gas may well be the same.

            The oxygen concentrators I am familiar with, mine is a PSA type, are rated at minimum 95% oxygen.

            The hyperbaric chambers that I have been involved with were fed with bulk NF storage systems, and the systems utilize a flow though operation with no CO2 scrubbing. You need a lot of oxygen, and you do have to be mindful of the flammability of materials in pure oxygen. 2 atmospheres is 28 psi, and the partial pressure of atmospheric oxygen is roughly 3 psi. Your system will have roughly 9 times the oxygen available for nasty surprises. I don't' remember what they did for anti static measures... and don't forget the humidification.

            Plastic tanks... dunno about that, but we used to fill gallon bottles with acetylene and oxygen... one well placed shot and boom... lotsa fun at night.

            Stay safe and well

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              Ahh, you don't smoke, do you?


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                Be sure to put two doors on it - one opening inward, and one opening outward, cuz you just can't predict the balance of pressure when you're ready to come out. I mean, what could go wrong?


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                  I found a article about a doctor that had a home built one & used it for years that exploded & blew him into, well, confetti


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                    We sent a horse to a racehorse recuperation facility that had a chamber for horses. It really helped to heal a leg injury on our horse. The horse stayed at the place for a month and came home sound.
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                      BF, I sure hope it works on my foot.


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                        Originally posted by lakeside53 View Post
                        Plastic tank large enough for occupancy and 4 Bar? pure oxygen? nice bomb :-)
                        Nahhh its perfectly safe.. as long as your inside when it ruptures! its the people outside that are going to have a bad day! j/k.
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                          Originally posted by flylo View Post
                          HyperBaric Oxygen Treatment Chamber ... Anyone here ever use or build one?
                          Evan may be building one soon, I think. His comments will be of great interest.
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                            Originally posted by aostling View Post
                            Evan may be building one soon, I think. His comments will be of great interest.
                            Will you be able to hear him from inside it ?

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                              Saw a report about a Navy pilot that applied Chap Stick to his lips before suiting up for a flight. Wound up with a brief fire contained inside his oxygen mask.
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