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Pictures from electrical plant built in 1890's

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  • Pictures from electrical plant built in 1890's

    I think these used to be gas lights, converted to electrical

    Neat old lamp post I plan on copying.. casting probably in Aluminum..

    Control board, notice the wooden insulators...

    Voltage adjust rheostats... LARGE, helped heat the building..

    Control board operator side, notice the knife switches

    This is at Ocoee #1, All equipment tagged historical... Some of the stuff I had never saw before.. motor driven voltage regulators, frequency balance meters, rotary switches with fuses intergral. Some neat old stuff.

    Automation total, 12,000 feet 14 ga. SIS wire pulled in 5-10 feet runs, thousands feet tray cable pulled and terminated, four months work for 8 people. One minor mistake flaws it from being a perfect job. That involved a drawing error nobody caught.. All us Union electricians from Lu 175 have grey in our hair.. That experience saved hundreds of drawing errors from going up in smoke. (a good TVA plant engineer too)

    Next job, another old plant to automate. Two weeks off to clean my "wedding" affairs up.


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    Thanksfor the picturs, thats good stuff I've seen old gear like that at the railroad shops here that was built in the late 1800s. They made there own DC to run the wheel lathes.
    Les LU68 retired.


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      Cool!That was when quality had a capital Q!
      I just need one more tool,just one!