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    Does anyone know of any plans available for adjustable target sights for a .22 rifle.


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    Clearly, you want to do this "because it's there." Otherwise, you'd just buy some sights from Redfield or whoever. Whatever Redfield is charging these days, it's cheap compared to the amount of work it will take to make your own.

    I don't know of any plans, but on the other hand I don't think it would be too difficult, at least conceptually, to make up your own design.
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      It really depends how involved you want to get.

      You could do worse than find an old Redfield Olympic or Palma, or a Lyman 48 and adapt the base to your rifle. The steel base of the Lyman 48 is fairly soft. The Palma fits on a fairly simple rail on my H&R Model 12.

      You could make a Howe-Whelan sight (a Springfield cocking piece morphed with a Lyman 48), but I have not been able to finish one yet. This is described with machinist's drawings in James Howe's "The Modern Gunsmith." EDIT: For all intents and purposes, this described how to build a Lyman 48. Only the base will be substantially different.

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