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Stock Drive Products? Quality Transmission Components?

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  • Stock Drive Products? Quality Transmission Components?

    Has any one purchased any of their stuff? Pricey? Minimum orders?
    Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.

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    My uncle bought some metal gears, one is 4" in diameter, and six more little ones, order was over 100$.
    A guy was running his 1" scale electric SW1500 locomotive with one of their aluminum chain drive sprockets and chain, and the sprockets stripped after his kids were running around the track with it all day.


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      I ordered a bunch of gears from them and found the delivery to be slooooooooow. Took a couple months to get all the parts. To be fair, they *did* warn me they would be, some of the sizes I wanted were out of stock and another production run wasn't scheduled for a while. If you're in a hurry it would be wise to ask if the parts are in stock. The in-stock gears came in about a week IIRC.

      I haven't had the gears running yet but they seem to be fine quality. I'd be proud to do as well.

      As far as price, I wouldn't call them cheap but compared to other suppliers they did seem fairly competitive. And they do have some cool stuff. Don't recall a minimum order.