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  • I love power assist

    As I become older I need more power! I had to load the hitch for the trailer into the Ranger today. My snowplow blade hoist does double duty. It will heft up to 400 lbs.

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    The reason the Good Lord gave us brains as well as brawn is so that we work smarter not harder
    Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.


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      What is a snow plow used for? Have to use my tractor and boom to pick up 400 lbs.



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        A snow plow? It is 80 degrees outside, and I have been running the a/c for weeks.
        David from jax
        A serious accident is one that money can't fix.


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          Yeah, I did something similar.

          I put a cherry picker on the front bumper of a 4x4 truck.

          Problem one: Doc, a friend borrowed cherry picker, now I have to move something. (4.6 into 54 ford car)

          a#have less friends?
          b#, weld it to bumper when it comes back
          c# build a a-frame off bumper that can't be borrowed.. (4x4 is not street legal)
          d# I could go repo it, that'd take a whole day.

          I put a hydraulic lift in the rear of a cherry Silverado truck, as friends borrowed it it came back with pimples, a lil bitty bump here, scratch there.. Soon it was reduced to a work truck.

          It was a 50" piece of 2x2 heavy wall hinged with 1/2" bolt into a arm supported at top and bottom into a 1/2" plate bolted to bed. I used a $39 long lift jack to motivate it. When swiveled around it'd lay over the wheel wheel in a hook I bolted on... THE main problem with that was that when the tail gate was open it'd bend the whole bed a lil bit and until you dropped the load the tailgate would not shut. I reckon the tailgate is part of the frame in a chevy..
          I sure miss that truck..

          I saw a tractor hanging from a A-frame on the rear of a 52 chev in Indianna. Beware, trucks are not cranes, thou....



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            <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">...borrowed cherry picker </font>
            Why are engine hoists sometimes called "cherry pickers" ? Or is there literally such a thing as a cherry picker that picks cherries...and if so, what does it look like ? Isn't it just a small "bucket crane" that a worker rides in and "picks cherries" ??


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              I got an old Chevy C60 dump truck,I went outside one morning and noticed the cab was sitting kind of funny,well the supports finally rusted through and it fell,so what to do?
              I took the cab off,welded on a seat platform alongside the frame rail,mounted the steering sector back by the midship bearing hanger and doctored the tie rod to fit,it steers backwards as I turned the whole thing around ,it now steers like a forklift.

              I mounted a set of 10' jin poles and a hydraulic 30 ton Tulsa winch driven off the pto box.I can pick and carry 4,000 lbs and if I just need a lift I can block the back end an lift 6,000.

              I got tired of sitting in the sun/rain while using it so I covered the whole thing with a corragated roof,it now looks like a cross between the African queen and a steam tractor.
              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                A guy at Sequoah, C60 truck, boom on back, welder on back, cutting torches, Lock boxes boths sides, He made $65 a hour, the truck made $150 a hr. I made $22. I been in the trade for 28+ years.

                I'd be tempted to clean that C60 up.. put a convertible top on it. I have thought of cutting the old bus down in the back yard.



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                  There is such a thing as a cherry picker. It's a tractor with a basket on the front that wraps around the trunk, and an arm on the front that shakes the bejeezus out of the tree.


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                    Oh Dave,I was serverly tempted at the last auction I went to,they had a 90 model Kodiak with Cat power,air brakes,ac the works.Already had the full tool body,Lincoln sa250 diesil welder,Onan genset and a swing over 4ton cherry picker,the whole thing went for $2300.00 I was tempted,but we got manditory liablity insurance here(basicaly a license to steal) and the insurance companies rape anybody commercial,I called my agent,he said about $13,000 PER YEAR F---ing lawyers.

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                    I just need one more tool,just one!


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                      Thanks Composite, makes sense. So now I get to wonder why "wierd" is now referring to a truck service crane as a 'cherry picker' also.

                      Apparently this is a generic "cute" term for any "pick up stuff thingie" with a boom and hook or bucket on the end. Which is ironic considering Composites description of a real one.

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                        MY loss too, Weird.. I could just smell money a toy like that could make..

                        DOn't feel bad guys, I thought I was going to get lynched for using the word JEW the other day.. HA HA&gt;.

                        I guess it is a slang southern word meaning mobile lift.

                        Gay means queer? in the dictionary it means happy.. More non-standardized language.

                        I wonder if people put seats on them mobile platforms, makes sense.. since you can't afford to run a truck around a orchard..

                        HEY, I love power assist too. it is even better when you have help.. I have to shut the 4x4 off and get out, jack up, let down, manually move the arm..

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                            <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Gay means queer?</font>
                            And we understand *exactly* what that means. The problem with "cherry picker" is that there seems to be some confusion on what exactly that is. A google search for same, under "images" produces the gambit from engine hoists to bucket cranes.

                            Must be someone in GA that first started refering to four wheel drive trucks as a piece of common lumber. "Here Calib, hold my beer while I toss these fer by fer's into my fer by fer"

                            DT, in Southern SC..almost in GA

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                              I have an Fseries ford two ton mechanics truck. I agree liab. ins is high. I solved that p[roblem when I retired by licenseing it in the next county where my son has a farm. Farm Bureau knows what I use it for and based on yearly mileage my Liab. Ins. cost 227.00 this year.
                              You might also chek service truck ins. It's about half way between private and commercial.