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Completely OT: auto-brewery syndrome - heaven or hell?

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  • Completely OT: auto-brewery syndrome - heaven or hell?

    "...The 61-year-old Texan is a human brewery and try as he might, he cannot stay sober.

    Suffering from auto-brewery syndrome, his stomach produces brewer's yeast that goes into his blood stream, creating the exact same effect as beer.

    He gets drunk the moment he wakes up, at church, at work, or out walking with his family.

    Distraught, his wife could not understand how her husband managed to fit his drinking into the day without her even noticing..."

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    Maybe not to that degree but far more common than most people would think as there's many people with yeast overgrowth in their gut's

    I would think the simplex carbohydrates (sugars) are even more prone to cause this effect or at least do it with quicker results than the starches.

    From everything iv read and know about this topic certain types of yeast have evolved within our systems for quite sometime now and are pretty good at it.
    so much so that they will release a chemical in our system that goes directly to our brain and not only tells us that it's hungry but also what to feed it, and you guessed it is responsible for what most people call a "sweet tooth" or "sugar craving"...


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      I for one welcome our new yeast based alcohol producing overlords.
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        The ultimate micro-brewery. Nothing wrong with getting your swerve on, but not having any control over WHEN would be most disconcerting. No sir, I don't like it.
        I'm here hoping to advancify my smartitude.