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Bridgeport 8F Power Feed

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  • suprdvn
    I can tell you why the handle is missing.

    It doesn't work.

    We have 4 Bridgeport mills in a row (at work) all with this power feed. At any given time it would be surprising if one worked. We would send one out for repairs and put it back in use and in a week it would be broke again.
    It was a very common sight for me to see them with the handle removed (I think there still is some handles in a drawer somewhere).
    I don't know what the problem was. To their defense 2 of the mills have a very large and very heavy turn tables so those did get some abuse. Also we do work with heavy dies (molds).
    We switched to the more common late style and they seem to hold up much better.

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  • Dee Reel

    It takes Mobilube #46, SAE90 or 140.

    If it is an 8f powerfeed, it will say on the front. It does not say on a 6f powerfeed.

    I do have some info I could fax to you.

    You can give me a call if you have questions.


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  • Smokedaddy
    started a topic Bridgeport 8F Power Feed

    Bridgeport 8F Power Feed

    Need some help with my Bridgeport power feed? I think it’s the 8F model. For starters, I’m not sure what kind and weight of oil to put in it. It’s also missing the shifter handle. I’m not sure what it’s actually called? I assume the handle has 3 positions, x-left, x-right and neutral? If I clamp a pair of vice-grips on the shaft (where the handle goes) and pull it towards me, the table tracks to the left, as it should. The rheostat works because I’m able to adjust the speed the table travels. If I push the vice grips away from me (past neutral) the tables doesn’t move in the opposite directions like I assume it should. The rapid traverse button also speeds up the table as it should when pushed but only when the vice grips are pulled towards me. So what it boils down to is it’s only working on one direction.

    Any suggestions?