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  • ok newbie indexable help

    Ok for days ive been reading and pondering a 5 piece starter set for my g0602 10x22. I was looking at the 7pc set but after searching most said the threading and parting tools sucked the two sets I'm looking at now are a 5 pc by borite or a hss indexable set from Arthur r Warner trying to figure what would be best to go with for my machine and have availability of inserts to use these are both USA made or should I say screw it and get a import set off eBay for 40 bucks on a budget and would like to stay around 100 thanks for any opinions

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    My choice would be to go with the import and buy good ceramic inserts from Carbide Depot.
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      Start with the list of advertisers here and in the current HSM magazines as they're paying the bills for this site. If you find what you like let us know. As an exercise those are pretty easy tool holders to make, though.


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        I think the best advice I can offer you would be to learn how to grind your own HSS tool bits.
        The learning curve is not very steep and there is tons of info both here and on other sites about how to go about sharpening your own tool bits.

        The entry cost is very low as most of the tool bits that I use at least are in the 1/8"-3/8" range. Very seldom do I want or require 1/2" size tooling. It is amazing how cheap these bits are and they do last a long time.
        I do have carbide tooling for my lathe for when I encounter some really hard material but for the most part the HSS bits serve about 97% of what I do.

        Another big advantage for HSS is the ability to make custom tooling. Need a certain radius on the end of a shaft, grind the profile you need into the tool bit. Need to cut a groove for a snap ring or O ring, grind a cutter for the job. Need a cutter for a boring bar, grind one for your purpose. Pupose built threading tools also are a snap.
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          I do want to learn to grind hss but would like to pick something up to play with while I learn I thought about picking up the remake of the southbend grinding jig to use in the mean time


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            Spend your money on a good grinder and wheels, learn how to grind a HSS tool, and you will get much better results with a 10X22. Tool grinding really is fairly easy and limitless in form. Bob. PS, you don't need a jig to grind a good tool. You would be surprised to know how accurately the eye can "judge" an angle. 10 degrees can easily be 8 or 12 , it will still work well.
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              Here's a link to a video that will get you started grinding hss. As mentioned its not that hard and gives good results.





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                I am a newbie also so take this with a grain of salt. I bought some cheap indexable tooling at first. I learned you get what you pay for in tooling. If I couldn't afford good indexable tooling I would use HSS before I would buy Chinese junk tooling. I buy mostly all Walter brand tooling if I have a choice. The only time I use HSS is for a profile and I try to design everything without a profile!!!!!! I have all manual machines no CNC. (YET!)
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                  I'm a new guy too.

                  Those sets both look nice, but I'm not sure you need a set like those to get started. I suppose it depends on your tool post and how easy it is to adjust, but I've been able to do all turning and face ops I've wanted to with a single RH insert holder and simple pivots of the toolpost. (The lathe I use has a BXA size QCTP, which does pivot easily without losing other adjustments.) I was pointed to as a good start and have been very happy. (Holder was TMX, from the EU IIRC, and the inserts are repackaged, but I think Korloy, i.e. Korean. In case USA made is important to you.)


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                    Grind your own HSS tools as many of the above suggest. Even with a triangular insert and three possible cutting edges, when one breaks, it's still expensive compared to a HSS toolblank. Learn what grind works best on what materials, one insert type doesn't work best on steel, cast iron, aluminum, etc.