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OT Nutsert strength?

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  • OT Nutsert strength?

    I got a '82 GMC pickup, good old truck. The problem is my wife has legs like a basset hound and wants a grab handle installed over the door. I 've found a handle that uses four 5/16" bolts to attach it. The roof has an inner liner of steel and I have 5/16 nutserts and the tool to install them. The question is, if I do this will the inner paneling bend when she pulls herself up on the handle? These nutserts take a 1/2" hole. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    Thanks and take care, Old Time

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    I think with careful consideration of nut placement it would work just fine. Try to install the nuts near bends/curves in the sheetmetal. Four points will spread the load pretty well, and it won't be the wife's full weight anyway, usually just a small fraction when used as an assist.


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      I would suggest placing the handle on the underside of the roof liner. Four holes drilled through the roof with fender washers on top of the roof should be much safer. How about a light easy to handle plastic stool?It would save you alot of work.


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        I used to have a 1982 chevy 1/2 ton. For one poster, the inner liner is steel. there is a sizable space between the "liner" and the actual roof. I would save the nutserts till later and use large, short sheet metal screws to fasten the handle. If put in the curved part above the door, they will hold for a long time. If the screws don't hold, then go for the nutserts.

        A better place may be the pillar between the door and the windshield.