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Ideas for tool racks?

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  • Ideas for tool racks?

    Our airport museum has a considerable collection of hand tools from various sources that I would like to hang on a wall, especially spanners (wrenches).

    I have a reasonable system of hanging open enders on grooves and notches cut into lengths of 3x2" but the double ended ring spanners are not so easy (the time honoured method of driving a row of nails is effective but somewhat lacking in visual effect).

    Any ideas? What are the serious negative effects of using magnets?



    P.S. I live in New Zealand so please dont tell me about this weeks special at Harbour Freight!

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    If you want something prettier than a row of nails for the ring spanners, how about a row of dowels in a backboard ? Somewhere between a row of nails and exotic hardwoods with French polish there should be something suitable for the museum.


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      No effect from magnetics other than the tool may be slightly magnetized.


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        Whatever you do, DO NOT use pegboard! Now, the actual pegboard fittings, if they are not too expensive, are REALLY useful. A sheet of 6mm plywood, or better yet, tempered hardboard, well supported with about a 12mm standoff, will hold A LOT of stuff. Drill two holes wherever you want a fitting. When it is finished, a coat of paint and then outlines of the tools. It sounds a bit picky, but I assume that more than one or two people are using these tools, and the outlines show at a glance what has not been put back.
        Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec


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          Google " french cleat"


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            Yeah, +1 for dowels that are the same material as the background. They'd be pretty unobtrusive.
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