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Little VFD help please

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    i don't think mine came with a heat sink. its plain plastic on the back.


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      Minor diversion: you may already know this about power hacksaws, but just in case.... You may see some sort of cam arrangement on the blade travel mechanism. Its function is to lift the blade off the work on the return stroke.
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        Originally posted by motopreserve View Post
        i don't think mine came with a heat sink. its plain plastic on the back.
        Like the above pic the Teco's heat sink is enclosed (you can remove the plastic), but the Hitachi WJ series have theirs nicely exposed.

        Then you can do things like this:

        Hinge the entire box over an access panel for the motor.

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          thanks lakeside. not sure I get the logic of hiding a heat sink, especially behind plastic, but as long as it works...

          SGW. I have seen these power saws in action. Awkward, strange, wonderful machines


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            Manual Switch

            Originally posted by MaxHeadRoom View Post
            I wouldn't consider that a good switch to put in front of a VFD, that is more for on line starting direct with a contactor.
            At first the motor could be started in the local mode with the keypad, but the contactor on the input and the stop start with remote buttons is the usual way.
            You should consider that a good switch.
            If you intend to use the 2 or 3 wire start option like it is an industrial application then your going to need a way to drop power to the VFD. This requires more stuff. So unless you intend to install a Main Control Panel simply supplying power to the VFD and letting it self start is the simplest option



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              Drop power to the VFD? Put a plug on the end of it.

              It is NOT recommended to start/stop a vfd by applying power.


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                The past few posts have confused me even more... I went ahead and stuck to my original plan of keeping it simple, and wiring it plain. This is where I netted out...

                1. Dedicated breaker at the service box
                2. Romex into the shop space, with all wiring secure and confirmed with multimeter.
                3. Outlet installed, grounded and confirmed. This out let is turned on separately with a switch (not sure if this solved Macona's concern???).
                4. I found a start/stop box in the massive outer warehouse space, which was unused. So I nabbed it. Going to install that for just the hot wire between power and VFD. Wanted to test it first though.
                5. Wired the VFD (checked continuity to make sure I did it right) with power.
                6. Used super fancy 4 wire cable (waterproof - used on ships) to run from VFD to the motor - friend gave it to me.
                7. Test it as per instructions in the manual.
                8. Cut metal.....

                Here's the start/stop switch:

                Thanks to all of you who replied with advice - the following video was made possible by you!

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