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Almost OT, cooker support, ideas needed...

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  • Almost OT, cooker support, ideas needed...

    Hi all,

    My parents are moving into a new home soon, a letting this time so major alterations are out.

    Mum wants a gas hob fitting in place of the standard free-standing cooker.

    The opening between the units is 600mm wide x 600mm deep, standard size.

    Hobs come in handy sizes that will comfortably straddle the width and it on the worktops, but the depths are too short by about 100mm so we have an awkward gap to fill front and back.

    The front will also need a nice rounded edge etc.

    Any ideas here?

    Maybe some nicely formed stainless? Of course, I have no sheet work facilities

    It could be one with two strips of worktop but would be awkward to fit as there would be little support for them.

    Or a whole stainless under plate with the aperture cut out and front edge rolled, but how to go about getting one made at reasonable cost?

    Any other ideas?
    If it does'nt fit, hit it.

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    From what I can tell. a 'gas hob' is UK English for what we Yanks call a 'countertop range' and you're looking to put one in where a free-standing stove (er, cooker) once was. Presumably this space is a gap between to countertops (er, worktops) and the gas hob would leave open space in front and behind it.
    Instead of spanning the gap with a new gas hob, why not fill the space with a piece of countertop (er, worktop) and install a slightly smaller gas hob?
    If the current countertop (er, worktop) is ready for an update, now would be the ideal time.


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      Thanks Carl, all translations perfect

      Replacing the top would be ideal but a much bigger task, we will chat with the landlord.
      If it does'nt fit, hit it.


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        Having been a landlord, I would predict a new worktop will be a no-go . This problem must come up know and then- I'm surprised no one makes filler panels.


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          Originally posted by CarlByrns View Post
          Having been a landlord, I would predict a new worktop will be a no-go .

          Having HAD landlords - "You're going to put in new countertops at no cost to ME?" No problem!
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          More tools than sense.


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            Found a panel, supplier making rolled edge stainless cutting boards on eBay.

            Got a quote for a full depth one 700mm wide with the rolled front edge - £55, seems quite reasonable to me.

            I can put the cutout in with my plasma cutter, frame up the underside, fit the hob, job done.
            If it does'nt fit, hit it.