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  • O/T Protective case for phone

    I have been basically forced to start using a "smart phone " , A samsung S3 .

    I detest the stupid thing because of its size and the unavailability of any decent protective case which clips on my belt .

    I have to clean the screen daily as the designers obviously dont work in an industrial enviroment with greasy hands.

    I was wondering if there was a decent heavy duty padded case which covers the camera as well .
    There are a lot of places including mine where you leave any camera/phone at reception for security and safety issues.

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    Duct tape


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        Thanks for that link , I will make some enquiries about local distributors .



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          If you are looking for a soft padded belt case, you might try this one. I'm not sure of the dimensions of you particular phone, but I had this problem when I got an Iphone that uses an accessory batter case. It makes it too large for a standard Iphone case. This fits it with some room to spare, and the padded sides and soft interior liner offer decent protection and helps to keep the face clean. I got it at an Eastern Mountain Sports store, but I'm sure these are sold all lover the place.
          Just a option to consider:


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            I've used Otterbox cases for my iPhones and they are great. I would assume that their Samsung designs are just as good.



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              Get a Otterbox defender case, it will protect the screen and save your phone if you drop it or it falls.

              My phone with a Otterbox case on it survived a two story drop twice with no damage.

              After more than two years use, the phone is still like new, but the case is scratched a little.

              Keep an open mind, I thought the same about my Samsung Galaxy smartphone when I first got it.

              It is big but it still fits in my shirt pocket barely but it fits, you will get used to it.

              The big size of the screen has it's advantages big enough to usefully view websites if needed.

              There are many very useful apps, I don't how I would do without it now.

              Learn how to use it a little at a time, it is just like having a small computer in your hand.



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                Another pointless confirmation but go otterbox. I have the defender case for my iphone and it has gone through hell and back in the past 3 years and still works, I was so impressed got the same case for my Ipad.
                Only bad thing I can say about the otterbox defender case is if you work with wood alot of luck .....wood dust sticks to the outside of the case like crazy.
                Don't try this at home but once had my iphone lying in a puddle of water in my duffel back when I got caught in a storm in Madagascar and well the phone still works since the case seals all the ports.
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                  I have the otterbox as well. The only irritating thing about it is the rubber corners grip your pocket and turn it inside out. I have to grab the bottom of my pocket with one hand and remove the phone with the other. I get a lot of strange looks from women in the grocery line as I grope and grunt to get my phone out.


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                    Lol same here hench the belt clip :-)
                    If you are using violence and it does not work, You are not using enough or it is upside down.
                    You can always just EDM it...


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                      OTTERBOX - They are great and have replaceable screen protecter


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                        This is a great case for my S4 - very secure belt clip - and only $8

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                          I bought the "military grade" (for what ever that's worth) Body Glove case for my S4. Still have to clean the screen, but it sure has protected the phone. Their web site is: The usual disclaimers apply.


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                            Thanks for all of the replies , I am trying to locate a local distributor for the otterbox with a belt clip as this phone now has to be with me as well as my normal mobile which is far more reliable .

                            The samsung is more user friendly than the apple stuff ever will be . However due to the bulky size of the smart phones I would prefer to leave it in my vehicle .

                            I can see it getting crushed or the screen broken while working.

                            Time will tell. I am not one to text much or play games , if I want to get a message to someone its email or ring them , the latter is faster than text and is safer when driving .

                            I will always use my phone when driving as I dont consider it to be any differernt than speaking on a two way radio , all vehicles have hands free kits ,a mandatory requirement for purchase .

                            I will not enter into any arguments over the use of mobiles in any circumstances as being able to order parts while driving between sites and to check with base if any more calls have been received for the area that I am currently in or to close off work is the very reason for mobile phones .

                            Hands free kits are legal in Australia , even if a lot of people want a vehicle operator to stop and pull off the road when making or answering a call , I will only stop to check or sent a text message.



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                              Try where you purchase your phone first. That is where I got my otterbox. Here in the US most electronic stores carry Otterboxes.. Be careful with the belt clip, mine lasted 2 months because it came apart when I hung the phone in the doorway of a car when I was getting in..