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Golf Cart Finished! (Almost)

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  • Golf Cart Finished! (Almost)

    Don't know if anyone remembers the motor and wiring problems I had on this project but it's complete... Except for batteries.

    After making a new front axle, battery box, console, seats and straightening the front, back, sides and top, I shot a little paint and put new wheels on it. This will be my get the paper and take the garbage cans to the road cart. It's all tested but I still need six 6v golf cart batteries. Any one have/know a CHEAP source?

    Before Images:

    As it looks NOW:

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    Needs a gun rack
    Looks good, as far as the batteries, no idea.
    I think some old trucks used 6 volt batteries, so they probably still make them.


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      Probably need to be deep cycle. I think they make a "golf cart duty" battery.
      That kind of strain on a regular battery will kill it in a matter of months.
      David from jax
      A serious accident is one that money can't fix.


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        Looks great and I don't play golf. I ahve a 53 Ford truck and a 1939 Dodge. I got tired of the little power I had to start them so I put in an 8 volt tractor battery. It starts them up just fine and I didn't hjave to change anything as far as wiring. I do have to use an 8 volt recharger though since I didn't rewire the generator. Just a thought. Good luck Fred


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          Best price for "golf cart " batteries that I have found is "Sam's club".

          I have a motor home, i "figure" I am just renting a battery. Calculate the initial cost, divide by the warranty months and you know the maximum monthly "rental". Golf cart batteries seem to go well past the warranty time- so their "rental" is less. Maintenance is the key to long life- try to charge before they are at the 50 percent charge state, keep water up. An old fashioned hydrometer is a pain to use (needs temperature correction) but once you know how long it takes to re charge after a certain amount of use its easy. keep charge rate low enough that it would take 10 hours to do complete re-charge (C/10 is way the battery shops refer to the charge rate).

          And good looking job


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            Check in your area if there is a battery manufacturer. They might have a retail outlet at their plant where you might be able to purchace a rebuilt or a second.
            I just purchaced 2 batterys last week for the pick up and tractor at the factory. Cost me $18 ea.

            Your project looks great,