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Carbide Engraving Penl or Tool For Marking Metal???

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  • Carbide Engraving Penl or Tool For Marking Metal???

    Air Operated or electric? Any brand names you've had success with? Thankx Mike

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    You could try these
    Had some experience with a similar one, no idea as to price these days!

    I have tools I don't know how to use!!


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      "Any brand names you've had success with"

      I have a couple of Wen Electric Pens, one of which was used
      to carve the Commandments.

      Simple by design, these Wen pens are likely to work as long as
      required provided they do not get dropped unreasonably hard.
      I suspect they might have heat-related durability issues if run
      for lengthy periods; for my needs, this never became a problem.

      Noisy. Takes practice to make tidy markings - the tip oscilates
      in/out in a pecking motion which makes it challenging to be smooth.



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        Of course, my Wens are now antiques and sold along with other vintage articles
        in thrift shops and on eBay.

        However, I see Wen continues to offer an updated varient they call the Model 21C
        Electric Engraver Kit. Looks better able to withstand a drop test. Might feel better
        in hand, too. Four times the price I paid for the second one but still not a
        lot of money.

        Copies of this type of tool are widely available at the usual outlets.



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          Another use for these vibro-gravers, is to matte finish metal in a small area. Looks like sandblasting, but useful for small gun parts. You use a cheapo chinese diamond round headed bit, sleeved to fit the chuck in the engraver. Just do back and forth, at a 90 deg angle with the tool, and a few passes gives you a nice flat finish. Put some Brownells Oxpho blue on, and it's a lovely flat black!