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Tool Gloat - Good day at the scrapyard and Craigs list

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  • Tool Gloat - Good day at the scrapyard and Craigs list

    This morning I spotted a free item on Craigs List - a piece of black granite that was obviously some kind of tooling fixture, 4" x 10" x 5' with 5 evenly spaced holes through it. It was about 15 minutes away and on my drive back, I decided to stop at the scrapyard. I scored this Groton (or is it Gorton?) rotary table, a couple of parts for an Atlas shaper, an interesting torque driving, three pieces of iron railing, some air horns and a bunch of smaller stuff like step blocks for clamping, some slotted clamps, a 1.5" lathe mandrel, a Kant twist clamp, a Hartford bar clamp and a brass spoke shave. There was lots more in the pile but I got yelled at for crawling up on it so I had to leave the very large machinist vise and who knows what else there! The guy that yelled at me told me that the stuff came from a local used machinery dealer who sold out and this was stuff that the buyer of his inventory did not want to deal with so they scrapped it. I'm trying to figure out how to upload pictures on this site and will add them when I do.

    Guess I do not rate - it says "you may not post attachments" in Posting Permissions.
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    One can't post directly on this site, see the sticky at the top of the general forum about how to post to Photobucket. Then you post the link on your message. Works pretty well.


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      Come on, you've been here over two years and never posted a picture?

      Without pictures, it didn't happen.


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        God, that would be a treasure find to get into that pile!!


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          Hey, where is that scrapyard? If it's in my backyard I might want to go see what's left. Don't see your location in your profile.


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            Most of the other forums I visit allow me to upload pictures directly and if I could do that here, I would. It's not that important to me to go through the added steps of posting to photobucket and then linking them to my posts here, after all it is just scrap metal. The scrap yard is in Massachusetts so a bit of a drive for you J Harp. I am going to stop by there tomorrow around lunch to see if anything has been added.