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Looking for some info on the Bridgeport Cherrying head

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  • Looking for some info on the Bridgeport Cherrying head

    Hi everybody! I bought a Bridgeport Model T Cherrying Head and have a few questions for anyone who might also have one. First, the oil cup on the top of the head has been broken off and I've only got the threaded portion and a tube a little over an inch long sticking out of it. Can anyone tell me what size the cup itself is and also whether it is the type with the felt wicking in it? I'm also missing the hand wheel, so I'll have to make one. Would it be at all possible to get some measurements (diameter of the wheel, shape and size of the bits that mate with the grooves in the head, etc)? The head has a couple of depressions for some kind of drive dog on the end of the wheel. Are they the same shape as that?

    I'll try to get some pics up of the head in the next day or so. If you're not familiar with the cherrying head, the spindle is attached to a sliding column so it oscillates in a circular motion when the hand wheel is turned. You can adjust the radius from 0 to 1.75". It was used for die sinking and can cut concave and convex features. This youtube video shows how it works.

    Thanks a lot!
    Stuart de Haro

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    It's about this big...

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