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Had a laff today.

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  • Had a laff today.

    Imagine large Wadkin bandsaw for wood, two wheel model, wheels are about 4' across and the whole machine is probably 9' to 10' high.

    Guy working it this morning and it starts making horrible noises from the top, so he switches it off and as it's slowing to a halt he opens the top guard to see what the problem is ?

    Problem is the top wheel chased him down the shop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gets a phone call bearing had gone, they can't understand it, replaced 18 month to 2 years ago. In all fairness they do look after their equipment.

    Get there, have a furckle round and this is the result.

    Apologies for the crap mobile phone picture, think the lens wants a clean.

    Soooo belt up to Derby and manage to get a metre of 2 1/2" EN 24T

    Bit of changing tools, chucks and gears but not in that order and we have a contender for first thing tomorrow morning.


    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.

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    Nice work John. Band tension too tight?

    My brother in law had a 5 foot concrete sawblade come off one the machine day. It fell through t e cut in the slab he was sawcutting and spun across the floor below, stopping when it hit a wall 20yards away. Lucky it was a cordoned-off demo zone.
    Peter - novice home machinist, modern motorcycle enthusiast.

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      Not big enough radius where the diameter gets smaller. Left hand thread on the end?? Or did you take the pic while looking in a mirror just to screw with peoples heads???? LOL


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        Originally posted by John Stevenson View Post
        have a furckle
        Translation to American please?

        More tools than sense.


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          Well, its like a furtle, but usually greasier

          Just south of Sudspumpwater UK


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            Does that equate to a fart that comes out solid?


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              Im not a great fan of wadkin resaws, they are bloody vicious, had a school job in a timber yard and we were cuttng up an oak tree trunk, dont know the technical term but the blade hit embedded gate peg the tree had grown round, snapped the blade which came out of the saw like an angry 20 foot anaconda, with more teeth!, skidmarks on the underwear!


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                furckle = look see, reconoiter, checked it out...



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                  Mark, these are not resaws but just band saws, blade on these is only 1/2" to 1" wide depending on the tightness of the curves.

                  We probably have the worlds greatest population of bandsaws around this area. This area is the furniture capital of England, chances are no matter where you bought your three piece suite or easy chair from it was made around here. All the skills, frame manufactures and upholsters are around here.

                  I personally know about 26 companies in the town all doing the same work and I'm sure there has to be as many again I have never heard of.

                  The company this saw belongs to has 5 or 6 of these bandsaws and that's about average so all told there must be a few. This one is dated 1940 as was originally sold to the MoD for making ammunition cases. They love them though as they really last.

                  Another rare machine is the Brookman multi spindle borer. These are used for drilling dowel holes in the chair frames. Brookman ceased trading quite a few years ago and there are no spares at all but when they come up for sale there is an absolute feeding frenzy.

                  Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                    Sir John ,
                    Good repair , did the top wheel sustain any damage in the flight through the shop or was the only other damage to the operators nappy?