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Select machine vertical band saw info and manual?

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  • Select machine vertical band saw info and manual?

    Anyone know anything about a select machine band saw? It has three wheels and looks like an import of some kind.

    Anyone know of a manual for it?

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    There was a company in Taiwan in the 80's or so that made some 3 wheeled metal cutting bandsaws, some were sold as Jet, and, I am sure, other names as well. What vintage, and size, is your saw?
    I believe the VBS 500 and 900, in this old Jet manual, were 3 wheel machines- does yours resemble either?


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      Thanks for the info.

      It was at an auction on Friday. It went for $375 and I quit bidding at $350. It was a three wheeler with a blade welder and a grinder built in. Somewhat like the jets you posted. The blade was 3/8" max and about 6" vertical capacity.

      I would like one with a little more vertical and up to a 1/2" blade. I think I can find one but it is going to cost more money!


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        He's right. It's probably an old Taiwan made saw. There's a Select Machine Tool Company in CA but all I got is they make lathe and drilling machines believed to be from Taiwan.
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