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I found a set of great engineering videos on youtube

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  • I found a set of great engineering videos on youtube

    I wrote this before but it never showed up has anyone seen the series of vidoes on youtube by Keith Fenner thay are great.I am only just able to use youtube so he is probably widely known but here goes for those who don't know Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    Keith is one of a few sites I link to on my blog - great stuff there. His videos are very detailed, and presents the entire workflow for a job often including how he conceives the workflow. Definitely a favorite here.


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      I to love Keith Fenner's videos! I wonder what his shop rates are? Some of the projects must cost the customer a fortune as he has quite a bit of time involved them. But good viewing none the less.


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        Those Keith Fenner videos are interesting, I liked the "What's in the Box" series, I found out what a number of pieces I have picked up in boxes bought at yard sales. I plan on watching some more.

        I would rather have tools that I never use, than not have a tool I need.


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          I like how he shows different methods of getting measurements and how to approach the work with different tooling etc .
          Seems to be a great guy who wants the trade to continue.


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            I like that Keith Fenner doesn't edit out his mistakes. You get to see the whole process not just the highlights.

            Also check out Abom79. I like his style, real laid back, lets the work speak for itself.


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              I have to laugh when he takes a measurement with one of those little machinist scales.

              He must have eyes like a hawk, he'll quickly hold that little scale up against something and say
              hmmm 89 thou ..

              git er done !!!
              John Titor, when are you.