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Super X3 Mill Head Tilt Locking Pin

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  • Super X3 Mill Head Tilt Locking Pin

    The SX3 mill has a tilting head that locks at 0 deg and 90 deg. The cast head has two
    steel bushings at 0 and 90 and there is chunk of cast between the head and the dovetail
    column that contains a big spring loaded pin with a rack cut in it that is actuated by a pinion
    turned by a hex key. The pin moves in and out of contact with the bushings to lock the head.

    The face the of the pin that touched the bushing is squared off and kind of ugly.
    The really strange thing is that the pin does not fit in the bushing at all. It registers
    a tiny bit into the hole and that's all.

    Has anyone seen a better or worse fit in this assembly?

    This is a new machine and other than grease and a tiny bit of sand in the base it has
    been pretty clean. This assembly was a mess though. The pinion was lubed with a
    mix of sand, swarf and grease.



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    if its new and you are not satisfied then send it back