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    Originally posted by 1935ron View Post
    yea she sure is, but she kept the chains from scratch'n my truck and she smokes .... Cigars.... Keeps the squitos at bay ....she even brings a 6-pack over after i tune -up his oops her...... Lawn mower


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      you guys are awesome
      san jose, ca. usa


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        I'd stick to the original offer or maybe $350. You can try to explain the cost to get it going, it might help persuade the kid out of it. As others have said, it could be a complete wreck inside and this setback could be fate pulling your tail out of a potential fire.


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          Originally posted by outback View Post
          Yes, I know. But I was not in market for a lathe when I found this one so I was caught off guard. Also I'm not able to just pick up a lathe and bring it home then unload it. In order to bring a lathe home I need to line up a trailer, have the lathe loaded. When home I need to call a tow truck to have the lathe lifted off the trailer. These things are best done on week days.

          The best option, IMO, for a trailer is a hydraulic drop deck that can be found a Sunbelt Rentals for under $100 per day.
          My Sheldon R15 weighs >3200lbs.



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            Yep.. that's what I use (except it's 4 wheels and I borrow it from a neighbor). I've moved several BP's, my 3500lb lathe, a 4000lb (?) Nardini and many other machines on one. All with pallet jacks under "custom and heavy" pallets bolted to the machines. For a lathe I use two pallet jacks, on under each end.

            In addition to ratchet straps, I use chain binders to lock the machine down to the trailer.
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