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  • impeccable timing

    The lengths some people will go through to try and achieve the unachievable,

    but this mechanism is fascinating if not just for all the timing of it's components having to be spot on,

    Would not have the heart to tell him that a simple pendulum in a vacuum pivoting on a ceramic bearing or a precision flywheel in a vacuum held by magnetic levitation would seriously out-due his crazy apparatus...

    Yet, if he put the entire thing in a vacuum he might be surprised at the length of the run time...

    that being said, at least he admits it runs down and is therefor honest about the results, Part of all the hoopla of these deals is throwing in so many variables that people cannot see through the smoke screen and for that I give him credit, after all - giving a pendulum a push and just letting it wind down is not that impressive no matter how long it takes,,, having a ball go through all those changes and still maintain close to it's original speed hours later is very impressive in itself - for that I give him an A+

    Just for $hits and giggles -
    how would you improve on this design to make it run longer? I have a much more simplified idea but would like to hear what you guys think...

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    Very nice. I've seen dozens of free energy gadgets. All seem to have far too much monkey motion to be credible. This gadget borders on Rube Goldberg. I could ask a few embarrasing questions just from what I've seen in the video.

    Until a few devises are built to this guy's design by independent experimenters and they either run forever or actually generate a milliwatt or two of power it's just another clever curiousity, possibly a hoax, if not a scam.

    They guy HAS to publish complete plans so proof of principle duplicates may be built independently. Our present technology is based on reproducable results. If Reidar Finsrud wants to keep his gadget under wraps and the experts stumped he will get no-where.

    Publish or perish!

    (It IS cool looking)
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      It IS possible for a machine such as this to operate indefinitely, and even perhaps generate a tiny amount of power, due to the interaction of the earth's rotation and the momentum of parts of the machine. But it is not really practical, as explained here:

      It is also demonstrated by the Foucalt Pendulum:

      An often-proposed device is the DaVinci overbalanced wheel, and the rolling ball on a track and moving magnets of the device shown in this thread may borrow some of the concepts. Here are plans to build one:

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        It's a cool machine! Just enjoy it for what it is...


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          I can see a few energy loss mechanisms:
          when magnets move near conductors, there is eddy current damping

          If he wants to create an egalitarian society where everybody can have their own energy, he shouldn't keep his design secret.

          If no one else can duplicate your results, you're probably a fraud.


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            I don't think he's a fraud due to admitting it runs down, although he may be misguided with hopes of it going on forever or even producing "real" power I thought it refreshing to see the admission of the fact that it does not - which makes it somewhat amazing considering all the loss in the magnets and ramp levers and such,
            the second he claims overunity is when I call fraud... and I mean real overunity, not relying on external forces..

            if the other claims are true it does surprisingly well considering all the parasitic drag on the apparatus...

            Iv got an idea that I would think would run for a very long time, really simple but of the same operating principle - im working with concrete right now but might be able to build it tonight if I have the materials...


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              I have a feeling that huge spring in the center is under tension by an air cylinder (effectively like a rear hatch lift in an SUV) and that there is a very heavy weight involved that slowly moves, out of sight, and which acts to preserve conservation of motion - like an ice skater pulling in his arms to spin faster.