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  • OT Window hanging questions

    Im going to be hanging two massive (one is an 8' by 5') double pane windows on my front porch for my solar gain project, - - both have sliders for opening and so are not fixed pane,

    Im finding out there's allot of controversy on the subject including cutting off the nailers and just drilling through the sides and installing screws that way - and that's coming from a local window guy here in town,

    I was just going to level it and support it in area's of it's beams and float the rest giving plenty of clearance everywhere, but still use the nailers although not overdone,

    so - what say the experts as this is a first ever for me and am finding out that there's kinda an art to it...

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    Use the nailing fins. There are a few instructional videos out there that show you the proper installation of a window with nailing fins.

    Some window guys like to cut them off so they don't have to take back siding etc. But do it right and you'll be happy in the long run.

    Yes, support the mullions when the window is that big. What is the window configuration? multiple panes with one pane having a slider at the bottom?

    My youtube:


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      Thanks Steve, I was planning on some kind of trim that I can just take back off to get to the nailing fins because I might be going with stucco on the exterior,

      the really big window is 5' by 8' with a fixed 4' center pane and two vert. sliders off to each side -

      I don't like the suggestion of cutting off the nailers either - this is a used vinyl window and has some warpage and I was planning on using the nailers and my heat gun to bring things around better after I get the initial mullions supported,

      without the nailers you can basically only tighten in one direction with side screws and I want to be able to bring it around were I see fit and still be able to "float it" without the use of shims everywhere that could cause a bind with settling and expansion,,, does this make sense to you?


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        Don't cut off the nailing fins ,level the window with the sliders shut and locked it is easer to level from the inside . level between the two center posts and shim and nail at that point then use along level and level from the center out and bring the ends up to level and shim then nail the corners . Check the window for square and nail the side flange then go back and add nails about every foot to 16 inches . do not take out the shims as theise will be needed to set the surounds on. DO Not nail the top flange it needs to float otherwise the expansion and contraction of the wood will pull the window apart. if you have to cut the siding use a skill saw and run the gaurd tight to the old window this will allow you to use brick mold or shake mold to trim it out assuming the old window is the same size. piece of cake


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          more good advice - thank you Richard.
          Old windows are not the same size, these two windows are replacing 7 others... lots of work ahead..


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            With a big beast like that are you using toughened or laminated glass?, K glass is supposed to be good.
            Good luck with the instalation, a criss cross of tape on the surface is always a good idea just in case!