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Uni-Grind T/C grinding fixture?

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  • Uni-Grind T/C grinding fixture?

    Anyone familiar with / has used one of these?

    If you click through / enlarge the images you can somewhat read the original brochure.

    One of the inset images looks as if this is being used to grind end mill flutes.

    If so, I assume its a simple slip fit spindle with some oil -- wonder what kind of results that might give?

    Anyway, that aside, can anyone speak to the potential usefulness of something like this?

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    Here's another one on eBay. Easier to see the instruction sheet.


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      Thanks Doc.
      I'll put 2 of the images here:


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        No one has any input on these uni-grind fixtures?
        Central Ohio, USA


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          Originally posted by Ohio Mike View Post
          No one has any input on these uni-grind fixtures?
          Because they aren't very well known.

          From the little I've seen, they're made USA, come in a quality wooden box (unheard of in cheap tools) and have a nice instruction manual.

          For $250 I wouldn't hesitate if I needed another way to do end mills.


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            The size of the support piece for the spindle does not look that large which could tend to effect it's accurate also it may not let it move freely which you need to be able to grind the fluts.
            For real smooth movement you want an air spindle.


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              That box alone is worth $250

              I'm just stumbling into the world of grinding -- picked up a manual Capco SG and some other
              odds / ends including one of these UniGrind kits. Bought it blind (have only seen pictures) but
              total price was in my budget. From the photos it looks like I also get the wheel dressing accessory
              for the UniGrind (straight, radius, etc). I expect the whole works in a week or so; I'll post some
              pictures / thoughts. I'm sure I'll have a few questions.

              Also got some magnetic blocks (parallels) and finally found a follower rest for the Colchester student.

              Hey, its christmas right?