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Luggage rack rubber feet

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  • Luggage rack rubber feet

    I'm trying to find some rubber feet, to fit to the luggage racks for Vespa scooters.

    Here's an example:

    Ideally, they should fit on the inside of the tube, instead of outside like in the pic above.
    The tubes OD is usually about 16mm or 5/8" from memory (have to check).

    They should ideally be pale grey or off-white color also, but that can be a bit difficult I reckon.

    I've tried to google it (rubber cup feet, suction cup feet, tube end rubber feet), and I've searched the McMaster catalog, but found nil so far.
    I'm traveling to the USA soon, and thought that it might be easier to find this there.


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    I know very little about Vespas, but maybe these:

    or these:

    OK, sorry I glossed over your (written in bold print...) "inside of the tube" part. My mistake. Sorry...
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      Try crutch tips or walker tips


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        You are going to have to look out side the box. Try looking for "Lab Rubber Stoppers".
        You might look on They have something that might work and near the color your looking for.

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          Are you looking for just a couple or is it quantity issue? Are they soft/flexible or rigid? If just a few you could cast them from Silicone or similiar.


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            I was thinking more along the lines of a rubber stopper as well. They do make a sort of rubber cork for wine bottles. You would likely need it to have a lip of sorts so it doesn't push too far in. If you'd have to reduce the diameter of the stopper to fit the tubing, that could work out for you. You can make up a simple holder jig and grind them on a belt sander, or you can set up on the lathe and use a TP grinder.
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              If you Google "Vespa parts" in the USA you get a plethora of places with all kinds of stuff. I found the part you show in your photo here:

              but I don't know if it goes inside or outside the tube. At any rate, there is no shortage of vendors. Good luck!


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                Thanks for your help, but I've been searching for the original rack feet earlier and only found those that alanganes showed.
                The first is large and ugly, and the second type (most common I've found) is angled about 30 deg.
                The ones I need are for straight mounting, IE perpendicular to the surface.

                I would like to get maybe 10-12 of these.
                As to softness; too soft and they would distort and get damaged too easily with the weight of the rack+luggage. Too hard, and they would scuff the paint with any vibration (lots of vibration in the old Vespas ).

                I think I need to find a suction cup of the right type, as it's basically a suction cup in design (no suction effect needed though).
                Because it's best if these rubber feet has slight concave base, for the rack feet sits against the "curvaceous" legshield.

                The one shown here is almost the right type, but too large (and the threaded stem is not necessary).
                I found this also, but in the pic it looks like it has a through hole, and can't use that.

                I don't think a lab rubber stopper is the right thing, even with a flange.


                Problems worthy of attack prove their worth by hitting back
                - Piet Hein


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                  This is very close to the shape I'm after, but the neck of this one is a bit big I think.
                  I said no through hole, but if the neck of the cup sits inside the tube it doesn't matter.

                  Finding the color I want (grey or off-white) seems difficult, as the producers and users of suction cups don't care much for making many color varieties.


                  Problems worthy of attack prove their worth by hitting back
                  - Piet Hein