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Eyelets in tubing

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  • Eyelets in tubing

    OK here's my problem I have some 3/4" SS tubing that I have to install some 1/8" eyelets in they are opposite each other, after putting the first one in and flaring it over on the inside how do I flare the other one, approx. 4" down from the end. The first one I can flare from the opposite side by using a punch that goes in the 1/8" hole, it does not have to be a 100% flare it's basically just to keep it from falling out, with the vast amount of wisdom on this site I know I'll get an answer.

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    Make a tool that looks like old wooden clothespin. Put a rounded projection on each side near the end that goes into the tubing. Have a wedge-shaped piece that's pulled between the two halves of the 'clothespin' to force them outward to flare the eyelet(s) as you tighten a bolt. Hold the eyelet(s) against the outside with a clamp of some sort.

    You'll need to figure out how to line the projection up with the eyelet. If you do one with a punch, you could make the projection of one side of the tool small enough to fit into the eyelet before you start tightening the bolt.
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      Take a 3/8 nut put slight chamfer on one end with the lathe.
      Install a 3/8 bolt through the eyelet that needs to to be flared with the nut on the inside of the tube.
      Now you can put a smaller punch through the other eyelet and hit it on the tip of the bolt that should pull the nut down flare the eyelet.

      Just make sure you have a long enough bolt to give you enough clearance to support the outside edges of the eyelet on something like a bench vise jaws with the bolt going through the jaws.

      Hope it works.

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      You can always just EDM it...


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        Silver solder them in place.


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          Make an long round anvil you can secure in the vise. It will be nearly as large in diameter as the ID of the tube. The anvil will have a rounded projection near the end to flare the eyelet.
          Any products mentioned in my posts have been endorsed by their manufacturer.


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            Winchman both ideas are great I think the clothespin idea is going to work. Macona good idea but the tubes would have to be polished after. Westline the ID of the eyelets is .108" so I don't think a 3/8" bolt is going to work. Thanks for all the ideas.


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              install 3/16 0r 1/4 pop rivets and drill out the center to 1/8