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  • simple database download?

    I want to create a couple of simple reference databases for some tools, mainly diehead chasers and gear cutters.
    I did this years ago with MS Works, remember it as being really simple.
    That data went missing years ago, need to do it all again. I don't have Works now, only Open Office. I'm having trouble with that, fractions keep disappearing and other apparently random changes to what I enter although I think I've put in the right field settings. Any advice for a really simple way of doing this, free or cheap download? Just half a dozen columns, needs to be able to have fractions, text and decimals in the same column, that's the only complex bit.
    I'm probably getting something wrong & could do it with Open Orifice but we don't seem to speak the same language as one another.



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    SQL lite, free and simple


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      Open office used to work OK, but now we find that it doesn't translate well into Office. Maybe there are some problems with the recent versions, both in translation and in basic operation.

      Keep eye on ball.
      Hashim Khan


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        Tim, fractions probably disappear as the program is calculating what is sees as a formula - so 3/4 looks like 3 divided by 4. If you define the cell as text only or precede it with a double quote (") is should not process the 'formula'


        ps is your lad still playing rugby ?


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          The aslpect of fractions will upset some programs as they are not standard ASCII characters so you would have to have a program that accepted a font that had the fraction characters. If you are ok with a fraction being 3 characters like 1/4 then it is simpler.
          Are you trying to manipulate the fractions? that is a bit harder.
          If it is just a record and you only have a few hundred irems it is easier to use CSV (comma separated values ) as in
          Number, type, size

          The simplicity of the data means lots fo programs can run with it like Notepad or Excel . Any fancy database will wrap the data in crud to tie it to one porduct.


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            OO has a built-in database (Base) and a spreadsheet (Calc). If you are using Calc and if you are not using the numbers and fractional numbers in calculations you'll need to declare the entire column as text rather than as a number. If you don't do this then OO will decide for you and very likely calculate the fractional entry into a decimal. If using Base then you have to declare the field type to be of a type that supports all data you enter - in your case probably text. The difference between Base and Calc is Calc will let you have cell-level choices of type but this will affect columnar operations (summation, for example) if the cell types are incompatible with the operation.


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              I've been trying to use OO Base, all I want is a simple record for a couple of hundred chaser sets of diameter, pitch, standard (thread type) and diebox size, and to be able to sort them in order.
              Diameter needs to cover fractional and mm sizes.
              Depending on what setting I make for the field type, text, fractions or whatever, fractions seem to revert to zero or to some apparently random number.
              I recently updated OO to version 4.0.1.

              Thanks for replies, I'll have a proper look tomorrow.

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                I managed to cripple the computer system at work by setting up a remote download of a database, inadvertently (according to me) i linked the servers of the data warehouse with the plant computer with tactical use of my newfound ODBC skills, not appreciated by the programmer who got pulled out of bed at 3am to unravel the mess, i haven't tried since. These newfangled computers!


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                  To show records reported fractional order (a text field) you will need to add an additional column where the value of the text field is expressed as a float and then sort that. In the report you ignore that float field and report the text field for each record.


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                    If your fractions are doing strange things, make sure you're entering them as text by prefacing the value with an apostrophe; '1/2 means "letters 1 and / and 2"; 1/2 means "1 divided by 2".

                    For sorting mixed fractions and decimals, I recommend an ugly brute-force approach - make the first column a list of numeric values, from 100 to whatever, moving at increments of 10 or 20 - 100, 110, 120, etc. Something like:

                    280 '1/4"
                    290 '5/16"
                    300 '3/8"

                    If you need to add, say, 7mm, insert it as

                    295 '7mm

                    You can hide the number column and only display it when you need to add or rearrange entries.


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                      Not sure if this will help out your situation or not but I would recommend ditching OO and going for Libre Office instead.
                      Once Oracle bought OO the OO developers forked to Libre Office due to Oracles position on OS software and their lack of updates to OO, in any event I recommend dropping OO and going with Libre as it has a much bigger developer base and is generally a better more comprehensive suite of software IMO...


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                        oops duplicate post...


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                          Oracle gave it to Apache. It was doomed when Sun Microsystems took it in but Apache has a better record for keeping good open source products alive.


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                            Yes but, is Apache giving it any love? Last I checked Libre was, by far, the defacto suite for open source office production.
                            Though its been about a year since I have done any looking into the situation...


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                              Sure - here's a recent review - it's really pretty much a draw but it will be interesting to see which project has the Big Mo. The original group (LibreOffice is a fork of the OO project by the original OO staff who bailed on Oracle) was never particularly aggressive at updating it, and the Apache team has IBM's wallet behind it. Like a lot of of big businesses, they're looking for a way to avoid the Microsoft Office tax.