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Atlas Mill Support arm Locks

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  • Atlas Mill Support arm Locks

    I recently purchased an old atlas MHC mill that has several issues. The spindle pulley assembly was completely trashed so I purchased a complete head assembly from an online vendor. Unfortunately the M1-2A head didn't come with arbor support arm lock sleeves and I was unable to remove the sleeves from my old head. According to the parts book, the part numbers that I need are as follows. M6-45 Lock Sleeve (3 required), M1-26 spacer (2 required), M6-44 Lock (3 required) and 1/4" 20 x 2 1/2" square head machine bolt (2 required). From looking at the Forum posts it would seem that a number of members have restored these machines so I'd like to think that someone has already solved this problem. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Kindest regards, Geoffrey Wingard