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Yet another alternator/welder conversion page.

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  • Yet another alternator/welder conversion page.

    Here's another one-
    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    Nothing of beauty, value or utility is proof against a moron with a check book.

    A guy I know is a collector. He "discovered" fine apparatus, chemical analytical balances, navigations instruments, engineering slide rules, antique electrical instrumentation etc. He locks them in cases in a couple of rooms he devotes to his stuff. He hasn't the faintest idea what any of it does, what it's for, or how to use it. He just buys it because he can so he can gloat over it.

    I learned he'd used his analytical balance (an instrument capable of working to 1/10 milligram) to compare a pair of 1 Kg weights and was trimming one to suit the other with a Dremel showering the inside of the open balance case with the chips. There's a label on the balance "Max Cap 100 gram" Now the knife edges are shot. The balance is junk without being worked over by an instrument cal lab.

    "Motor sports" nuts (like Jesse James who poured $20K of donated parts in a rock crawler 4WD who then take it out and deliberately bust it up out of wanton destructiveness) deserve Old Testement retribution.

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      That could be handy.

      Paul G.
      Paul G.


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        What'd be neat on a 4x4 (Ha.. lumber type offroader) would be a welding altenator you could switch to put out 12 volts too.. boost off the A-hole with the $3 battery. NO battery blowed up in the woods cause he hooked the cables up wrong.

        I see people constantly with a $3 batteries, maypop tires and brakes that are metal to metal. How about home-wheels that are almost centered (done with hand drill) and then I saw some disc brakes that fit behind the tire... geeze.. They drive these critters down the highway to the powerlines.

        Cabtrucks.. HA... gimme a old bronco or scout, landrover or jeep.. Slow and pokie.. but get there wihout mud on ya..



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          Dave,round here we have a few knucle draggers left that do stupidity such as that,but now we have a whole new subclass of idiot.These guys take a brandnew Ford250 diesil 4x4,put about $20,000 in tires and goodies all over it,then take it out in the mud and get it stuck,sub-human behavior I tell ya.
          The latest craz is to get a new Duramax Chevy and put ag tires all over it and see how fast they can tear that one up,wish I had $40,000 to piss away.

          On a lighter note,I just found me a big arse 210 amp Delco marine alternator thast not doing anything,looks just like an old 63 amp off a car,but this one is about 12" across,think I'm going to try it.
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            Last one I tried to help.

            He had a miss in a 2.8 in broncoII, I told him he probably had water in it with the way it was acting. (run, cut off, run.. run smooth then cut off)

            He pedal tuned it till the valves were all bent, Dummy. It now sits with a for-sale sign in the window..

            Why do people think revving a motor will fix something?



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              He probibly was out of ideas after pouring ATF down the carb They do that here a lot too,looks like their fogging for skeeters.
              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                Yep,I have witnessed it too,one guy in particluar bought a 2004 Ford F250 diesil 4x4,dropped about $38,000 by the time he got all the goodies Ford had to offer.This truck WAS beautiful when he got it,it was a Racing green exterior with a charcoal grey interior,power everything,carpet you name it.He takes the thing to a 4x4 shop,has it jacked up 8",changes the drive train(you know auto engineers get paid what they do not for what they know,just for thier looks)puts some geez I don't know 4' tall tires on it etec,etc.

                Okay,he has this truck,takes it out over the weekend and gets it stuck in a deep hole,okay let me pull it out with the winch he thought"he opens the door not realising how deep the hole was and muddy water flooded in etc,etc.

                Bt the following week,the truck is nearly junk and to top it off he gets pulled over by a state trooper who writes him up for about $4,000 in violations! Seems his tail lights are too high,so is his bumper,no mud flaps,wheels out past the fenders and so on. As they say,stupid is what stupid does
                I just need one more tool,just one!