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Dumore toolpost grinder help ?

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  • Dumore toolpost grinder help ?

    I am missing the #1 pulley for my Dumore Series 44 toolpost grinder (1/4 hp with 3/8" diameter pulley bore). Could somebody tell me what the major OD of the #1 pulley is so I could make one?


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    I don't know the OD of the pulley but they are available from Dumore.



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      I'll just figure out the size from the speed chart. Hadn't thought about that until now.

      I'm sure Dumore would sell me one and mail it to me, but I can make one out of a small piece of scrap for not much more time than I've already taken to write these posts. I'm kinda' into saving money these days.

      Thanks for replying.


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        I don't have one right now either, but backing into the diameter is not a problem, it does not need to be an exact match to work.
        Keep in mind that a slight crown is needed to make the belt track properly. This can also be eyeballed with a file or radius attachment.
        Jim H.


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          Diam. at the center (crown) is .867. The diam. at the ends is .778.


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            Here you go ...
            crown: 0.861
            edge: 0.757 (give or take a few thou)
            thick: 0.686

            added - missed the previous post ... but it shows the loose tolerances as JCH notes


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              Thanks guys.

              I tried to do the math and figure out the diameters from the feed chart and existing pulley sizes, but each step had a mystery factor that expanded the gap between each step by various amounts. I ended up making a guess and turning out a pulley at .880" crown and .780" end diameters. Close enough for a lucky guess, for sure.

              Thanks for taking the time to measure yours. Now I feel pretty good about my guess!


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                Pay particular attention to balance. If you drill a hole for a setscrew, drill an equal hole 180 degrees opposite to compensate.

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