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    can somebody fill me in on this taper.. im buying a tos fnk with this taper.. I was looking on ebay and the usual places to purchase arbors, an stuff, im not findind much is this a common taper or what? can I regrind the spindle to iso 40? or replace it? also I cee er collets and I see endmill holders im a bit confused help...) thanks freddy
    15X50 colchester.. 9 inch southbend. milrite, wire feed

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    There are "some others" also listed.... about 20 or so.

    As there is about a 14mm difference in big end diameter, possible the re-grind may not be a good plan.

    Possible source for arbors.

    Choose from a variety of horizonal milling machine arbors at Victor Machinery. We have 30, 40, and 50 NST tapers plus spacers, bushings, and shims.
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      The 30 taper is not as common as R8 or 40 taper but there are lots of places to buy arbours. Since you're in Fort Mac you could get them through Sowa or Karr tool in Edmonton or from one of the myriad of tool supply outfits down there. Is your machine CAT 30? ISO 30? Or NMTB 30? All similar but there are differences.

      As has been mentioned, there is a "big" difference between a 30 and 40 taper spindle--there's no way you're ever going to grind a 30 up to a 40 and I really doubt that a spindle swap would work either. I have a mill with with NMTB 30 spindle and I've had no problem finding all the tooling I need...
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        No, you can't regrind to that large of a taper, 40 is much bigger.

        That being said 30 taper is very common. ISO 30 is specced without drive dogs. This means you can use either BT30 with metric 12mm threads or CAT30 with 1/2" threads, I believe ISO30 has the 12mm draw bar as well. I chose to use BT30 on my mill. I dont have drive dogs installed, I have never had one slip. The dogs are mostly useful on a small taper like this for tool orientation.

        So start looking on ebay for BT30 tool holders. I use mostly ER16 and ER20. I do have a few shorty ER32's too. They are nice for holding chamfer mills and larger stuff.


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          As far as what holders is concerned... The debate between end mill holders ("Weldon" type) or ER holders has been hashed out numerous times here and elsewhere. End point is, people have preferences but both systems work.

          One piece of experience I will offer, though, relates to generic, non-name-brand end mills. Their shank tolerances are just not as tight! Often enough, the end mill itself performs perfectly fine (especially considering the price). For Weldon holders, though, they are just a major PIA. Maybe >3 out of 5 can't be mounted without a miniscule reduction of the shank diameter with sandpaper. It gets really old dealing with that. So my advice is to stick to ER holders if you use lower cost, generic end mills routinely. An ER collet doesn't care a bit if the end mill shank varies by a thou'. It'll grip the shank without complaint.


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            ok,!! thanks for the replys,, i dont have the machine home yet but i beleive its BT 30 i think ill go the er collet set up..
            15X50 colchester.. 9 inch southbend. milrite, wire feed