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    I have been looking for a deal on an indexing head and saw one of these,

    I understand an indexing head and the corresponding plates but how does this guy work?
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    The lever at the back opens and closes a 5C collet just like a lever collet closer on a lathe. There are 24 holes in the backplate just inside the lever each with a setscrew. The setscrews are turned in to mask off a hole or turned out to open a hole. The lever in front is spring loaded to pop a shot pin into an open hole as the spindle is turned. To index one position, the front lever is actuated and the spindle turned by hand, then the lever released as the spindle is turned. The shot pin will drop into the next hole that comes by it.
    It is possible to index every 15 degrees or any multiple of 15 degrees.
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      It has a plate with 24 notches so it can do any number that goes into 24 - 2,3,4,6,8,12 and 24. No degrees, nothing more than 24, no options for 5,10 or other divisions of a circle. This is simpler for what it can do, a dividing head with division plates is more versatile.
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        I do not think that is the type of indexing head you are thinking of. This style is often called a spin indexer or even spindexer. It is meant to do simple direct indexing. It will only index in whole degrees. This of course can be quite valuble.

        But I suspect you are thinking about something more like this http:// These are often used for gear cutting because they can do indirect spacing.

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          Thanks for filling in the blanks guys.
          I would like to find an actual indexing head but have not looked real hard so I haven't found one......hard to believe huh?