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How many ways can I measure this?

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  • How many ways can I measure this?

    I added a column behind the motor on my mill/drill. A bushing rides on a hard chrome shaft. It is attached to the head of the mill with a rigid bolt on attachment.

    So far so good. The last test I did was to put a piece of stock in a collet and use a lathe bit held in a vise to reduce the diameter. I then raised the head and brought it down to about the same location. I tried another cut and it only took off .001.

    I am looking for ideas to see just how accurate I really am in returning to zero when I move the head. Sometimes what you think you measure is not really the case.

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    How about mounting a dowel pin in your vice, use a indicator in the spindle to indicate the pin in then upset the mill head and recheck the pin location with the dial-indicator.

    Would give you x and y offsets.


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      I'm assuming your trying to eliminate the effects of the head spining out of kilter when you crank it up and down right?
      Then are you trying to determine the repeatability of the machine returning to center or returning to a set hieght?
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        Returning to center, here is a pic of what I did:


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            Thats a great idea,if I'm reading right what you want is to see if in fact your coming back exactly to center everytime.What I would do is use a short section of round tubing or pipe,something big like 4",clamp that to the table and bore it round.Crank the head up then back down,an indicator mounted in the spindle should then read dead zero on the bored dimension.

            I just need one more tool,just one!