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Beware of hazmat fees !

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  • Beware of hazmat fees !

    Application of hazmat fees is about as level as a 45 degree bevel. Recently bought a gallon of Starrett M1 for $20. from Travers. Got a call that it would cost another $20 to get it to me due to a hazmat fee. The agent neglected to mention that this did not include the normal $8 shipping. Now I'm up to $48 for one stinking gallon of M1.

    Discovered that MSC has it on sale for $13.99 and does not charge the hazmat fee

    I kind of like the stuff but does anyone have a cheap homebrew which is as thin and displaces water?


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    Never use the stuff so dunno.

    However I have run into haxmat fees a lot lately,most often at a welding supply I frequent.They stick two dollars on for every item on the bill that is even remotely hazardous,This can add up,the first time they shoved it off on me I asked where the money goes.They said well its required by law for us to supply you with MSDS sheets on all items considered a hazard.So I asked where is my MSDS?Well we don't have any in the office right now.Okay I said then give me my $2.00 back.Oh no,we can't do that they said.Okay then let me call OSHA and find out if you need to pay a fine for not having it.Well no need to do that we will zerox our copy and give it to you!

    Ever since then I have asked for my MSDS even thou I toss it in the trash,I like to piss the thieving bastiches off every chance I get.
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      Sometimes it's a good thing. If you're on the business end of disposal, getting rid of hazardous waste is very costly. My paint booth filters cost about $26 each and there's six of them. They last about 10 to 30 days depending on how many cars I paint. It also costs me $5 each to get rid of them.

      Used oil costs me $1 per gallon.
      Used thinner or solvent cost me $1 a gallon.
      Used antifreeze is $1 per gallon.
      Not to mention storage space and safety equipment.
      I won't even take a used tire or battery.

      Every time I buy paint, solvent or chemicals, I have to log the volume and VOC's and keep track of every ounce used. If I don't have an MSDS on every thing in my shop, they could shut me down.

      It's the logging and tracking that cost money! I spend about 4-6 hours a week just keeping the chemical books. That doesn't count the volumes of yearly reports.

      So ya, I charge anywhere from $2 to $15 for hazardous waste fees and I think I'm still getting the short end.

      Back to your topic.
      The hazmat fee goes to the shipper. Some eat the cost or build it into their shipping/handling and some add a premium to handle the bookeeping.


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        I recently ordered 2 spray cans of CRC 3-36 with a tooling order. It had to be shipped separatly because it was aerosol cans it had to be appropriately labled and I was charged extra for the special shipping. Hazmat charges for a 5lb. can of Ni-rod $3 extra. The last time I swapped my O/A tanks for full ones, hazmat charges were tacked on. I really don't feel any safer by paying the added cost.



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          what good does the fee do?

          you use up materials, so what is the fee for? I can see a suppoted disposal fee....



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            Sorry, I meant to say that the hazmat fee goes to the shipping CARRIER, not the shipper. The fee covers added handling. The FAA and DOT have strick rules on flamable, caustic or gaseous compounds. You can't even take used oil (in bulk) to a receiver unless you have a special transport license--$$$.

            Kinda like the old R12 Freon. I had to get a license to buy or work on R12 auto AC's. Heck, there's probably more Chlorine released by swimming pools in the US than R12. That's your EPA at work.


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              I have heard that if you ever get into the Safety Klean "system", you are forever responsible for the stuff.


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                Oh yes...Hazmat fees.

                I was told by my welding supplier that some of the costs were used to help the medicare system, i live in Canada, pay for all the care required by the individuals who were getting sick as a result of exposure to the toxic fumes being released during welding.

                My thought was give the money to them. They are the ones getting sick and shortening their lives. Not the doctors?

                Safety clean is another company i had problems with. They didn't want to pick up the fluid from their wash bin because i wasn't registered with the provincial environment depatrment. So let me see. I was stuck with fluid, which i rent from Safety Klean, and can't give it back to them because i am not registered with the government.

                Shouldn't it be safety klean that tells the government where theri fluid is and how much they have at each location? They still charged me my monthly fee for service. I laughed. Service for what? They won't pick it up. This is where i love computers. I am still on the driver's route. He comes every 3 months, like before, and picks up the old fluid and gives me a new can. I will let them figure out the paper work.



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                  Well if they won't pick up yours,then how many others won't they pick up?I wonder how many people dump theirs in the ditch?

                  Just more fee good legislation that does nothing for the inviroment,costs business and consumers and complicates our lives.

                  I can see a fee for disposal,but in the case of the welding supply,mine hands you one set of MSDS that covers everything they sell(mostly welding rods and flux)about 6 pages,but when they lay on the charge they stick you $2.00 for every line item on the ticket.Last time I got 1box s/s tig rods,1 pack tungsten,2 50lb 7018 rods,1 50lb 6011 rods,and 1 case 9" grinding wheels,I got stuck for$10.00 and only got the one six page MSDS.The welding supply is making money off that one.
                  I just need one more tool,just one!


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                    I try to pickup my Hazmat materials in person. But as today is Earth Day, we should be looking to use more environmentally safe chemicals. I try to use organics or safe synthetics, but some things still require the use of materials that are deemed hazardous.

                    A couple of years ago coming back from Toronto I stopped in at the rest stop in New York. The gift whop has a bumper sticks, which I wished that I had bought more of them. It said:

                    EARTH FIRST! We have plenty of time to screw up the other planets.



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                      Problem is thou that most eco-friendly things aren't.City treatment plant supervisor told me that since the three gallon toilets were mandated by congress wate useage has tripled even thou population has stayed the same.Seems its one more time politicians didn't think trough the "feel good"legislation.Fact is most homes were built before the new reg,they also have 4" pipes on 1/4" per foot slope,it takes 5 gallons of water to flush the pipes clean with this system,when you replace the existing unit with a 3 gallon unit the cleaning doesn't take place like it did before,so what do people do?Yep,flush twice,now we're up to six gallons per flush.Big savings ain't it.

                      Bio-degradeable luandry soap,great,just wish a quater cup would get my clothes clean,but it don't

                      At the end of the day,all we have are loads more regs and rules,we pay more for everything and the results are negative if any at all.
                      I just need one more tool,just one!


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                        I am building a new house. Filling out the application for a building permit. In addition to the usual inspections and permits, (plumbing, heating, electrical) there is a (new since the last time I built a house)permit necessary to disturb the soil on the property. Has to do with erosion control to keep your dirt out of nearby waterways. Silt fences and all. Another layer of paperwork that has to grunt through the bowels of the bureaucracy. State law says the homeowner can do his own work. The bureaucrats perfer that you hire a professional. I keep telling myself "I can do this...I can do this..."
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                          Wes1 - Consider yourself fortunate that you don't have to get an archeology inspection. Find a bone or arrowhead down here and it could take years to get your building permit, if at all.