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  • Kalamazoo

    Pick up a Kalamazoo 7 AW horizontal saw the other day $100.00 and it came with 7 brand new Starrett blades. Needs a little work as the hydraulic feed leaks, haven't cut anything with it yet but have noticed that the blade supports have only two bearings each, one on each side of the blade, none for the spine of the blade, is this normal?? It does not appear as if anything is missing, there is no place to mount the third bearing. Pics below.


    I have plugged it in and started the motor and the motor mounting brackets are making a lot of noise. Will do something to stiffin things up as it is very loose. And it needs cleaning up.
    After clean up and minor work will then evaluate which is better my Wells or the Kalamazoo and will keep the best one and sell the other.

    Paul G.
    Paul G.

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    You probably ripped off some poor widow of her grocery money.
    Are you proud of your self?

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      Quite a bargain!!! Congrats.
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        That looks a lot like the one at the local job shop. I'll have to wander in and look at the bearings. Good deal!
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          Some saws don't have any back ups,the saws don't scream like woodcutters do so all thats really needed is a wear pad,usually carbide.The back edge of the blade is where cracks begin,the cacks begin as burrs raised on the back edge of the blade by the back up roller.Back up rollers produce more burrs faster than wear pads(less surface area)I had a Doall that used no bearings(ball anyway)at all,it had full carbide guides both side and back,I really liked them,they never needed to be adjusted.

          Nice saw,it will serve you well!
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            By the looks of the pic in the truck bed, Paul stole that poor widow's 3-point hitch too. Now she can't even grow her own food. Shame on you Paul. You better haul that machine over here and relieve your guilt.


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              Wow, $100, sheesh!!
              Grand deal Paul!!
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                Yes it's true I am consumed with guilt.
                Actualy it came from the local Voc. school, my friend is the machine shop instructor there and they were going to heave the saw into the scrap container, fortunatly my friends truck was parked next to the container.
                I have removed the hydraulic feed mechanism and have it soaking in kerosene to clean it up and find the leaks, I think the leaks are in the small copper tube that runs from the top to bottom of the cylinder, there is also the metering valve in the tube to control the feed. A good clean up of the whole machine will tell me a good deal about it.
                The three point hitch stuff is for my JD 750 loader/backhoe. Last weekend I hurt the backhoe, droped a rock on one of the side stabilizer's and bent the piston rod. Got to try and straighten it, or (choke,choke) buy a new one.

                Paul G.

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                Paul G.


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                  Paul, I have a Kalamazoo 7AW at my shop and it has given me great service over 20+ years. I have had no problems whatsoever with it not having bearings running on the back edge of the blade. It's obviously not a big saw but it just runs and runs. It's shone itself to be very dependable. Just an FYI. Steve