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Dragging your quill ------------- ?

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  • Dragging your quill ------------- ?

    Quills by nature have to have some kind of free play to operate correctly right?

    and although mine seems tight I have noticed that sometimes i'll get some chatter out of it,
    I know this true due to slightly loading it with the lock and then alls good,

    now of course it's locked when Im just using the Z knee...

    but sometimes I like to plunge with an endmill or whatever and do it with the quill and for the most part alls good, yet once in awhile depending on the material and or cutter and or speed I will get some chatter,

    alls it takes is a slight load with the lock and alls good, im thinking bad practice though as im going to ovalize my bore and also scar/wear it on the brass contact side,

    Just curious what other's do...

    I have to add this;

    My entire machine is one shot lube system and gets vactra #2 --------- except for the quill - it gets more of a 90wt type lube due to the oil port I have to fill also having to lube the spindle bearings,,, at least that's what I read years ago,

    I sure do wonder what the vactra would act like in the quill as it's tacky dampening properties would be a welcome thing I would think...

    How do some of you guys get around this?

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    While there has to be some clearance in the quill for it to move, you should still be able to plunge cut without bad chatter. Your quill could worn. Dragging the lock doesn't strike me as a good idea and plunging with the sounds like a better idea.


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      Honestly I don't think you'd be able to see the wear in you lifetime using the quill lock for a drag to tighten up the clearances occasionally. I think it's just fine doing what you do.

      Lubricant might make some difference though I'm a little more skeptical but it's worth a try.
      "People will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time they will pick themselves up and carry on" : Winston Churchill


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        I would also vote for wear in the quill/housing. Bridgeport cnc machines used the quill for all Z axis moves and the quill was the same as a series one manual mill, they did not have any chatter problems as a result.


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          Quill fully extended (5") and can get about .0007" out of it with some pretty good pressure rocking back and forth (about all I had considering the slippery surfaces)

          does not sound excessive but could be a little tighter I suppose...


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            I'm certainly no expert on this subject, but, it seems to me that since quills have no gibs to adjust for wear that slightly tightening the quill acts as sort of a gib adjustment. We tighten our gibs on our lathes so the ways and dovetails slide without unnecessary play and with proper lubrication, seldom have to adjust those gibs for wear. It follows then that a similar tightening of the quill lock would serve the same purpose and cause little additional wear.


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              yeah - it's so few and far between act-ups,
              the reason I found it is because I started trying to eliminate things to see if they would help in this pretty rare situation,,,

              it's so close it does make me think if I was using vactra it would be a big help due to it's tacktifiers - but I don't think vactra is recommended for spindle bearings...