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  • Hardinge/Sjogern chuck

    This has me a little confused. I just got a Hardinge/Sjogern no. 1 speed chuck for 5c collets. When I first got it I put a collet in and it stopped about a 1/4 inch short of tightening up. I took some measurements and the collets can't screw in any farther because they are bottoming on the threads, actually on the step after the threads. I have a couple collets where the threaded area is longer and they almost tighten up. I took it all apart and cleaned it and I don't see where anything could be missing or wrong. The chuck is in pretty good condition but I suppose someone could have reground the nose taper, it just doesn't look like it though. There are slight wear marks in the nose making me believe that it was being used. Were 5c collets changed at any point making the threaded part shorter? The only thing I can think to do is bore out the threads on the gear so the collets can screw in deeper, just really don't want to lose 1/4 inch of threads. Figured I would see if anyone has run into something like this. Thanks

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    J Kilroy on Youtube is in the process of rebuilding one of these
    George from Conyers Ga.
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      The chuck is for 1J collets, they are identical to the 5C except they are 9/32" shorter in overall length.

      I have a similar one, I machined off the nose and added an extension to compensate for the added length.
      Jim H.


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        That's cool, thanks Jim.


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          Mine takes the 2J type.
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            Someone Always has an answer, this is a great place. Bob.