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So, a Unemployment question for you, NY State

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  • So, a Unemployment question for you, NY State

    Here is the situation:

    I was out of work from September 2012 until March 2013. I worked 45 days, then got picked up from June until October.

    Was told that my previous claim had expired, and to file a new claim. Not a big deal, I pushed the buttons, got approved and then found out... that they had started me back on my OLD claim... despite it's expired status. Something about Emergency Unemployment Extension or some such.

    Found out tonight that EU expires on the 29th and that's the end of that run.

    Now "on paper" my new claim has been approved.... I have no idea why I was put back on the old claim that expired... does this mean the new claim picks up? Or do I need to file again? Or... holy hell this is nerve-wracking.

    Of course the REAL solution would be to find a goddamn job... If in fact I'm out of UI totally I'll have to bug my brother for an actual paying position rather than volunteering my services. Blargh to that. I don't want to displace someone else and have THEM be unemployed. Whatever.

    Anyone been in this situation with NY Unemployment? What can I expect here? Come Monday I'll be on the phone, but until then I'll see what I can find out using this here internet thing.