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    I have an idea for a grinder on my Atlas 6X18 lathe. I am thinking about a Foredom type grinder with the flexible shaft hanging near the lathe, and a homebrew fixture to mount the hand piece in on the toolpost. I am thinking that this may give me the ability to finish grind a part in the lathe, and do weld repair grinding on small shafts. Has anyone ever tried anything similar? Pros and cons are always welcome. Thanks in advance!
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    Dumore makes a hand held "die grinder".

    They also offer an accessory that clamps to the die grinder body and allows the die grinder to be attached to a lathe for light duty grinding.

    I made the accessory and used that system for several years before I purchased a tool post grinder.


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      I put a pencil air grinder in my boring bar holder once to face the jaws on my chuck.

      it worked but hand tools don't have the rigidity or the bearings to do really good work. also they only have to power to spin small wheels, which wear out very quickly and affect the size from the beginning to the end of a single cut.


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        I have a craftsman die grinder. It's a 1/4" with an extra length nose so the bearings can handle it. I made a fixture to hold it to the tool post. It works very well for the relative few times you would need it. High RPM, lots of power.

        I have to describe a defect on mine before endorsing it. The outer race of a bearing came loose in the bearing pocket causing a terrible vibration. I shimmed and locktighted it. I've used it a lot for many years since and like it. It requires a bushing to use 1/8" tools.
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          A number of years ago there was a construction seies on building your own tool post grinder in HSM
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            In the latest Micro Mark catalog, they've got a toolpost grinder for the mini lathe for $99. Looks like a real one and may be a good start point having a cast body, etc. and add better bearings, tweaks as time and budget permit.


            Actually looks pretty good already with 1/3hp motor, guards, etc. and 3-1/8" wheels.



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              I have exactly the setup you are thinking about. I have a Aloris toolpost and made a holder that would fit the Foredom handpiece. It looks like a big boring bar holder. Seems to work fine but only for very small work. Using a Dremel cutoff wheel you can cut small hardened shafts, dowel pins, etc.