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    Can someone tell me how to use a thread milling tool holder that takes threading inserts. It looks like a shank that a thread insert is screwed on it's end. I would like to learn hoe to use it on my lathe. Catalog says the thread is formed in one pass.

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    I ain't learned the "one Pass method yet" last time I tried a deep thread on the first pass it looked kinda drunken..


    You make the second pass and turn the slack outa the carriage with the handle.. Catch up the thread..

    I did thread a bar with a die once thou with one pass.. them have about 12 or so teeth..



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      You have a tool for use with a CNC milling machine. It requires the correct software to move the cutter in a helical path.



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        Come on David,lets see you tackle some helical interplotion in that b-port conversion Shouldn't be much trouble

        If the thread mills your talking about are the same ones I'm thinking about they may not work for single pointing threads.

        Reason being they are intended to mill threads in a cnc mill were the x and y travels are used to define the od of the thread while the z moves down at a set rate forming a helix,problem is for the milling cutter to do this the geometry of the insert is special,the ones I have seen are less than 60 degrees something like 58.

        You can get single point inserts for lathe boring bars that will produce a finished profile,they finish both the root and the crest of the threads while machining the flanks,but they don't do it in one pass.
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          You can probably cut threads on the lathe with this tool. Your insert will have to be aligned perfectly so that it is parallel to the centerline of the part. You get off one way or the other and it will drag or cut a thread that is not 60 degrees. To thread mill you do not need fancy software you can program it in a few lines.

          xo yo center of hole to be threaded.
          2-16 thread .5 deep

          g0 x0 y0 z.1
          g0 z-.5
          g1 g41 x-1.0 y0 f...
          g3 x-1.0 y0 i1.0 z-.43125
          g3 x-1.0 y0 i1.0 z-.375
          g3 x-1.0 y0 i1.0 z-.3125
          g3 x-1.0 y0 i1.0 z-.250
          g3 x-1.0 y0 i1.0 z-.1875
          continue to z.0625
          g40 x0

          if you are climb cutting and start at top and go in you produce a left hand thread.


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            Thans for all the good info . I will give it a try. I got nothing to lose but my time and a pc of steel.