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  • farrviewsouth
    First of all. YOU SUCK

    Now, the generosity of people on this site is amazing. My tech center is trying to get a precision maching program off the ground. We have got 16 interested students and have assembled a collection of mills and uses lathes. However, we only have a hodgepodge of tooling and inspection equipment. Arizona is a long way to ship and he may not be interested but I would gladly pay shipping for anything he might want to send our way. It will not be sold and will help some aspiring machinest.

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  • jhe.1973
    started a topic Tool gloat & offer

    Tool gloat & offer

    Hi Everyone,

    Last month we had Thanksgiving dinner with some relatives of my daughter's finance. We had met them the Thanksgiving before and were catching up on what we've been up to this last year.

    I mentioned the spindex modification I posted here and he said I think I have one of those. We went out to his shop & he pulled out the 6" super spacer shown below. Nope I said & tried to describe it a bit better.

    He pulled out a dividing head & I told him it still wasn't quite what I was trying to explain.

    Then he found a spindex & I said, "Yep, that's one".

    He asked if I could use any of this stuff and I said I could, soooooooo he kept pulling out the rest of the things in the photo and a lot more.

    He was telling me each time he found something else that I should take this or that, if I could use it, saying that he'll never get back to it again and he didn't want to throw it in the trash.

    He used to have a shop that specialized in aircraft service/repair.

    I actually refused at least this much because I either had duplicates or just didn't wish to take advantage of him.

    He wouldn't let me give him any payment and just repeated that he didn't want this to go to the trash.

    So let's hear the, "you suck(s)". I probably deserve them.

    As I was typing this I had a thought.

    If you guys can come up with some good suggestions as to how I can assure that anything he is willing to give away will go to some of you less fortunate, I'll run it by him in a month or so when I can get back to visit.

    I just don't want to see his generosity abused & the things I didn't accept end up being sold.
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