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  • Hydraulic Cylinder question

    I have a front end loader that I plan to install on my 8N Ford tractor. I bought it as a basket case for $100 delivered (rusty, but all there). Examining the lift cylinders last Sunday I found they are single acting, I would like to have power up AND down. Has anyone ever converted a single acting cyl to double acting? Hate to replace as they fit the loader.

    I could envision having to turn a new piston to accept two seals as well as a wear ring and adding another port. Might be possible to modify the piston to accept an additional seal. Don't know at this point. Cyls are across town, have to pick them up and disassemble and check.

    I'd be better off to sell what I've got and buy another used one with power up/down.


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    An 8n is so light,I don't see that down pressure would do very much.

    My neighbor has a loader on his 8n. He is always breaking front spindles.
    I only use pull implements on mine and have never broken one.
    I would not do it. the tractor is too light for a loader.
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      Power up and down on a front end loader lift and bucket can be useful. Especially when operating where the tractor can get stuck in mud as you can use the loader to push the tractor back out. That said, I suspect you can't get there without new double acting cylinders, pipes/hoses, and valves. Another used one with double acting cylinders sounds like the less expensive alternative.


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        [QUOTE=1-800miner;894905]An 8n is so light,I don't see that down pressure would do very much./QUOTE]

        Break more parts and pieces



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          Generic cylinders can be fairly cheap. Some of the 'surplus' places have a lot of cylinders. The cylinders should already have a 'vent' port at the rod end but probably lack suitable rod and piston seals. You would just have to disassemble one to see if it is feasible to convert it.
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            If for nothing else, great for lifting up the front to change a tyre, or using weight of machine to help bucket bite in.

            Yeah I'm quite fond of my FEL.
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              Replace the cylinders with suitable double acting cylinders providing the loader can handle them OK.


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                One deciding factor will be the diameter of the rods on the cylinders. In many single acting cylinders the rod diameter is quite large and therefor you won't have enough space for enough surface area on the retract action to develop any force.
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                  No reason why you shouldn't do it, and yes, it would be useful. Replace the existing single acting cylinders with double acting ones of the same bore & stroke. Yes, you'll get more upforce than downforce, but this probably won't be a problem. You'll also need a new control valve, hose etc. Burden Surplus have most of that in stock usually.

                  How about the bucket - does it have its own rams for tipping, or is it the old system whereby you pull a lever to release a pin and it tips forward? I had one of those on a Super Dexta. If that's how this one works, then maybe at the same time, look at fitting another pair of smaller double acting rams to the bucket, and get a 2 spool joystick control valve.


                  All of the gear, no idea...